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TPR20 Customer Testimonials

Testimonials for TPR20 Topical Pain Relief Cream submitted by customers.

TPR20 Cream

I am pleased to report the first full night’s sleep in years after applying TPR20 to my feet. I suffer from diabetic neuropathy, and have tried different meds to relieve the pain. TPR20 is the first thing to have worked. It worked quickly and lasted through the entire night. Five stars to this product. I hope others with my condition will also benefit.


David Robertson, PhD
Northern Ontario

My name is Dianne Hartson-Lalonde from Stittsville, Ontario and have purchased your product, TPR20. I was introduced to the product at a 55+ event at the E&Y centre near the Ottawa airport this past fall. It works amazingly on the arthritic pain in my right hand and on my knee and hip. I have used Vultaren and the TPR20 works much better and without the odor.

Thank you for the product and I always have at least 2 tubes on hand.

Kind regards,


I've had shingles since May 13th and went through the severe pain, waiting for the blisters to heal and dry. Up until that time I was unable to even touch the skin, but about 3 weeks ago I received a newspaper advertisement regarding your product called TPR20. I purchased a tube and a few days later was able to apply it to my skin. The results were very good as it relieved the burning of the nerve endings for several hours, and then I would apply it again (three times a day). It has been about 6 weeks since the onset of the shingles, but the TPR20 has certainly given relief for me during this difficult time. I will see my doctor in about a week, and I had told him that I was going to try your product, and I will certainly recommend it to him for other patients who may suffer from the shingles.

June Thoms
Mission BC

To whom it may concern, TPR cream is an effective lubricant that I have used consistently for five years. As a military professional my muscles and joints take a beating. TPR cream helps with inflammation an cramping. I used it regularly as part of my health and wellness treatment to keep me combat mission ready. Never deploy without it. This product works and can be a benefit in combination with proper health and wellness practices. I personally endorse this product.

U/R Capt. Sarah J. Foster

Thanks TPR20,

A year ago, I was involved with a pretty serious ankle injury. Resulting from a parachuting accident while training with the U.S. Army Special Forces. After Surgery, 6 months of Physiotherapy and a whole year of recovery I am back on my feet, but was still experiencing a good amount of pain! I was sick and tired of "popping" pills just to get through the day. I was introduced to this great product! I put it on my ankle just before a run or trip to the gym. During my workout, my ankle starts to warm up and you can really feel the TPR20 starting to work. TPR20 has deep tissue penetration and pain relieve, that lasts throughout my workouts and throughout the day. TPR20 has helped me regain my life back!

Special Forces Medical Sergeant EMT-Paramedic

My feelings on TPR20: How many of you have watched an actor give a testimony on a product and wondered how much they're getting paid? I am not an actor, but a regular person who has had chronic pain for over thirteen years. Three automobile accidents left me with a fractured back, herniated and compressed discs, dislocated soft tissue and muscular atrophy as well 18 of 18 points of fibromyalgia.

I have tried everything; drugs, therapy, doctors. I was introduced to TPR20 by a friend. I gave it a try. By then I'd stopped the very heavy drugs I'd been taking for years. I promised I'd try TPR20 for a month. I covered myself in it for two weeks. Then gradually applied to "hot-spots". Now it is part of my nightly routine. If I have a FM. flair-up, I now apply TPR20 twice a day.

It has helped change my life. I now can walk which leads to weight-loss. I can now do my own grocery shopping or even go to lunch with my friends. In two short months my life has changed forever. Thanks TPR20.

S. Weitz
Lindsay, Ontario


Apologize for the delay in sending my findings related to Whiplash, Acceleration/Deceleration, and other trauma injuries. Currently I have 6 active patients suffering from soft tissue injuries related to motor vehicle accidents or other similar trauma. They are all using TPR 20 as a part of their at home care regimens. Three of the six had significant prior fibromyalgia and degenerative disease diagnosis. These patients have been under active medical care for these problems. Treatment has consisted of pain medications, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxers. All 6 patients have seen benefit from TPR and contrast therapy. More significant has been the improvement with the 3 chronic patients. So far all three have been able to alter there prescription and NSAID use, in some cases significantly. Clinically, I see reduction of tenderness w/palpation, increased ROM and overall flexibility, this in turn allows me to perform more spinal and extra-articular manipulations w/less discomfort.

On another note, let me say this has got to be one of the best products I have ever brought into my practice and that's 22 yrs worth. I have patients sending people to me who are not patients "yet" to try the product...very few times has that ever occurred before.

Dr Chuck Weston DC

I have used TPR 20 in my practice on clients with painful pinched nerves, arthritic inflamed joints, spasmed muscles and fasciitis. Each client who purchased TPR20 has commented on how well this product works, everyone received relief quickly and they were amazed as to how effective TPR20 was.

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and tried every thing I could think of to relieve the pain. Within 5 days of using the product my symptoms were 50% better and in two weeks the pain was completely gone. I also burned my finger quite badly and a blister came up immediately. I applied TPR20 right away and in 5 minutes the pain was completely gone and the blister had healed in 30 minutes. Amazing! I think this is the best topical pain relief product on the market.

Daniel Heany
Registered Massage Therapist
Toronto Ontario


Three years ago I was introduced to a topical pain reliever called TPR 20 cream. I am not quick to recommend a new product until I have experience with it in helping patients. One of the first persons that it helped was myself when I had a pulled muscle from a leg cramp on the same day that I had a squash game booked. About 2 hours before my game I massaged TPR 20 cream into the calf muscle for about 10 minutes and I had so much relief of symptoms that I was able to play squash without any hint of pain in my leg whatsoever. Because of my positive personal experience I began to recommend TPR 20 cream for almost any type of musculoskeletal pain and also for neurogenic pain.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the multiple uses for this cream for acute and chronic tendonitis. I have also seen remarkable effects with arthritic joints whether they be small joints in the hands or feet but also the larger joints such as hip and knee. I have also used TPR 20 cream to treat post herpetic neuralgia. The beauty of these topical treatments is that they are completely free of any side effects when compared to the multiple side effects of oral analgesics and oral NSAIDs. I continue to recommend this product on a daily basis simply because I know that it has a very high success rate in alleviating many patient’s symptoms.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. John Kindle M.D.

TPR 20 has saved me so much pain from shingles, I am so grateful for this cream it is a god send. I had horrible severe burning on my under arm, arm and breast, I was overwhelmed in pain. I remembered that I had a tube of TPR 20 which my friend who gave it to me suggested I try. Amazing results instantly, thank you so much for this product.

Mrs. Schafer

When I first used TPR20, I had a heel spur in my left foot and was in great pain when I walked. First I went to a Podiatrist who injected my foot with cortisone shots for 3 weeks in a row. The pain did not go away. Next I went to an Orthopedic surgeon who did the same thing, gave me a cortisone shot in my foot. Again the pain did not go away. Next I went to a Reflexologist for 3 months with still no relief from the pain. My husband had some samples of TPR20 so decided to try that. I rubbed it in my foot at bed time and in the morning when I got up. I am happy to say that with in a week my pain was gone.

Relief at last, what a wonderful product. I have used TPR20 on many things. I burned two fingers on my hand on the kitchen stove. After applying ice I looked at my fingers and could see deep blisters forming, I applied the TPR20 every 15 minutes for the rest of that day. The next day there were no blisters and no pain. I also use TPR20 on fire ant bites and bee stings it takes the pain away fast. I have arthritis in my hips and apply TPR20 every night before going to bed, it allows me to sleep all night free from pain. This product is the best on the market and does not lie when it say it takes away the pain fast. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Nina Czemerynski

I am pleased to report the first full night’s sleep in years after applying TPR20 to my feet. I suffer from diabetic neuropathy, and have tried different meds to relieve the pain. TPR20 is the first thing to have worked. It worked quickly and lasted through the entire night. Five stars to this product. I hope others with my condition will also benefit. Thanks.

David Robertson, PhD
Northern Ontario

Adapted from material provided by HUMN Pharmaceuticals Inc. Published with permission. Information reflects opinions of the individuals who submitted their comments to HUMN Pharma and should not be interpreted as medical advice.