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Airpura - C600 Air Purifier for Airborne Chemicals

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S&H included in Canada. Airpura's C600 features a huge cylindrical carbon filter (which is 3 inches deep and weighs a whopping 26 pounds), whose function is to remove a broad range of harmful airborne chemicals and gases from your indoor air such as radon or formaldehyde. With a cleanable pre-filter, two MicroSupress filters, the 3" carbon bed, and a HEPA-barrier post filter, the C600 can effectively remove 4000 airborne chemicals.

Product Notes:

Many air purifiers put nearly all their eggs in the HEPA basket: featuring a relatively huge high efficiency particulate air filter, behind some type of thin prefilter to capture the larger dust particles, which may include a bit of activated charcoal to try to reduce odors, as an afterthought. Airpura takes rather a different approach. Of course, it includes a prefilter as an outer layer, and a HEPABarrier filter in its core to capture the tiny particles which may be triggering allergies (sealed in, to ensure all the contaminants are filtered, and none escape), but the latter is its last line of defense. This model specifically designed as a chemical abatement unit includes a 26 lb activated carbon bed for the adsorbsion of airborne chemicals, gases, and odors.

You can download the Airpura C600 User Manual and Specifications here [PDF, 170 kb] and the Airpura C600 Features and Technical Specifications brochure here [PDF, 323 kb].

• Effective even for very large spaces, up to 2000 square feet.
• Dimensions: Unit is 23" high and 15" wide, and weighs 45 lbs.
• Housing / Finish: Powder coat steel body; 4 easy roll casters. The all-metal housing ensures no plastic vapors are emitted, and there is also no off-gassing from the unit's electrical parts or from rubber gaskets, since the filter chamber is sealed with felt gaskets.
• Variable speed fan, operated by a single dial near the top.
• Quiet Performance: 28.1db on low (at 6 feet); 62.3db on high (Room level 25.1db)
• Power consumption: operates on 115 volts (220 volt models are also available by request); uses 40 W/hr on low, up to 120 W/hour on high
• True HEPABarrier filter traps small particles, and is 95% efficient at 1 Micron. There are 40 square feet of it, which have been warm rolled to prevent cracking, with 10 pleats per square inch to maximize filtration, and spacers to ensure that each and every fold filters.
• Comes with a 26 lbs. Coconut Shell Carbon Filter for Chemical Abatement. Its large, 3" deep carbon bed effectively adsorbs airborne a variety of chemicals and gases, and ensures proper dwell times for maximum chemical adsorption.
• Two MicroSuppress filters suppress the antigens, bacteria, and pathogens around the carbon bed.
• Long Lasting Filters: Airpura recommends these carbon filters be replaced after 24 months of normal use, and that the HEPABarrier filter be replaced after 12 to 16 months -- but some retailers advise the HEPABarrier can be done a little later, at the same time as the carbon filter. The pre-filters can be vacuumed monthly from the exterior of the unit to remove the outer layer of dust, and should be changed every 12 months, depending on use.
• Adaptable: For specific chemical problems which may be afflicting your building or area in much higher than normal concentrations, a wide array of other special carbon blends are available from Airpura to target a certain selection of airborne chemicals in particular, from among up to four thousand in total.
• Airpura Limited Warranty: 5 years parts, 10 years labour.

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