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Airpura - T600 Air Purifier, for Tobacco Smoke

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Info: Air Purification Unit for Heavy Tobacco Smoke

This machine is specially designed to clean the air of tars and chemicals from tobacco smoke. Its powerful motor and 360 degree air distribution enable it to purify rooms up to 2000 square feet in area, with two full air exchanges an hour (based on 8-foot ceilings). Free shipping in Canada.

Product Notes:

• Tars are trapped by a special tar barrier filter.
• Large, 3-inch deep carbon bed (with 26 lbs. of carbon, and 570 square inches of surface area) removes the thousands of harmful chemicals and gases found in tobacco smoke
• HEPA-Barrier filter traps small particles
• Unit is 23" high, 15" wide, and weighs 49 lbs. total
• Wall mount brackets available.
• Effective for areas up to 2000 square feet
• Airpura Limited Warranty: 5 years parts, 10 years labour.
• Filter Life: The recommended frequency for replacing filters will vary considerably on the setting. In a dedicated smoking area, particularly in a public setting with constant, multiple smokers like a bar, the TarBarrier may need to be changed once a month and the carbon filter and HEPABarrier every three months. But if it is in a private home where someone only smokes occasionally, it would be more like once a year for the TarBarrier filter and every two years for the other two, depending on use.

You can download the Airpura T600 User Manual and Specifications here [PDF, 167 kb] and the Airpura T600 Features and Technical Specifications brochure here [PDF, 274 kb].

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