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Alpha DME Coconut Oil, 475ml jar
Alpha DME Coconut Oil, 110ml jar
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Alpha - DME Coconut Oil

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UPC Code: 620031202213

Info: Available in 110 ml or 475 ml Glass Jars

There's a growing consensus among health care researchers and nutritionists that coconut oil may be the best type of cooking oil, both because it holds up to heat very well and stays fresh for a very long time, and especially for our health, mainly because of its lauric acid content: it is immediately used as energy, rather than stored as fat; it can kill microbes, viruses, and parasites; and yet it fosters health bacteria grown in the large bowel. And Alpha's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil may well be the very best type of coconut oil, since its DME (Direct Micro Expelled) process make it the freshest coconut oil on the market.

Product Notes:

Product of the Solomon Islands. Hand pressed on site: 90 minutes fresh. Certified Fair Trade.

The coconut oil for this product is extracted within 20 to 90 minutes of the nut being husked, using manually-operated cold-pressing units, right at the same farms as the trees are grown (compared to from two days to two weeks or longer, at factories). That eliminates mold growth and the danger of other impurities; ensures the beneficial lauric acid stays as strong as possible; and greatly reduces the amount of natural oxidization that occurs before pressing when enzymes in the coconut exposed to air break down the oil, which can harshen the flavour and reduce its antimicrobial value. This product is also certified fair-trade, due to the profit- sharing arrangement between the company and the Solomon Islanders doing the growing and hand-pressing directly from fresh coconuts on their own family farms, and their communities.

Note: there may also be a much larger 1.75 Litre size available in-store.


100% raw, certified organic, virgin DME (Direct Micro Expelled) coconut oil, containing 6.3 g of lauric acid per 15 ml serving.

Suggested Usage:

Baking, cooking, frying & sautéing.
UPC Code: 620031202213