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Ankarsrum Cookie press attachment
Cookie Press Attachment mounted on an Ankarsrum Assistent

Ankarsrum Assistent - Cookie Press Attachment

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Info: 1 Cookie Press Attachment

This metal attachment is great for extruding dough to make cookies, in various shapes (or other types of pastries, or cheese, for that matter). It is exclusively for use with the Ankarsrum Assistent kitchen machine and its meat grinder attachment. The strip in the centre of the unit has a number of patterns (such as a star shape), as shown, and you place the desired template over the nozzle of the cookie press to squeeze them out.

Suggested Usage:

Fit the cookie press onto the mincer. Feed walnut-sized balls of chilled shortcrust pastry dough through the mincer with the machine set to medium speed. Always use the plunger to feed things through, and make sure the dough has been pre-chilled in the refrigerator.

The cookie press attachment is dishwasher safe.


Never stick your hands or other objects into the mincer.

UPC / Barcode: 7350061080286