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Ankarsrum Assistent Sausage Horns

Ankarsrum Assistent - Sausage Horns

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Info: 3-pack of 10, 20 and 25mm Diameter Tubes

These replacement horns (which might also be called tubes, pipes, funnels or stuffers) for making sausages is to be used exclusively with the Ankarsrum Original kitchen machine (previously marketed as the Assistent Original, and before that, as the Electrolux Magic Mill) and its Meat Grinder/Food Mincer attachment, which it is placed onto.

Suggested Usage:

Prepare sausage mixture similar to how you ordinarily grind meat or vegetables. Attach the sausage ring, then the sausage stuffer/horn, and then the locking screw. Put the Assistent on its side. Place the sausage casing on the horn. Set the machine on low speed. Fill the mill with your sausage mixture. Feed into the casing as the sausage is filled. Twist the casing every six inches or so, when it's filled, as shown in this video. If air gets into the sausage, simply stop the machine and push the air carefully out by the tracks on the sausage horn.

UPC / Barcode: 7350061080354