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Aviva - Bee Pollen Granules

Aviva - Bee Pollen Granules

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Info: 1lb (454g)

Bee pollen granules are often referred to as nature's most complete food. Human consumption of bee pollen is praised in the Bible and other religious and ancient texts. Bee pollen has long been prescribed for its healing properties by traditional health practitioners - including the fathers of Western medicine Hippocrates, Pliny the Elder, and Pythagoras.

Product Notes:

Bee pollen may help rejuvenate your body, stimulate organs and glands, and enhance vitality. Bee pollen's ability to consistently and noticeably increase energy levels makes it a favourite substance among many world-class athletes and those interested in sustaining and enhancing quality performance naturally.

Bee Pollen Health Benefits

Bee pollen has been used in Egyptian and Chinese civilizations for hundreds of years as a form of natural healing. It's said bee pollen produces a wide range of natural health benefits. Bee pollen is captured by placing special devices on the entrances of beehives to brush the pollen off of bees' legs as they enter the hives. The pollen is then formed into capsules and sold as dietary supplements. The pollen that's collected contains numerous amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and hormones. These ingredients are responsible for the many claimed bee pollen health benefits.

Bee pollen health benefits are said to aid the body in multiple areas - even weight loss. There are claims that bee pollen can increase stamina and energy. It's also said to aid in sexual functions. People with asthma and allergy symptoms are said to benefit from the use of bee pollen. It's said to also promote the immune system and slow the aging process. Many people report to have improved digestion after using the pollen.


100% Bee Pollen Granules. Natural variation in colour, scent and taste may occur.

Nutrition Facts: For all 454 g / 1 pound:

Kcalories ... 1117
Fat ... 21.8 g
Carbohydrates ... 122.6 g
Potassium ... 2630 mg
Sodium ... 200 mg
Calcium ... 1022 mg
Iron ... 64 mg
Vitamin C ... 159 mg

Suggested Usage:

Powder an ounce or two of granules, and add cinnamon to taste. Cinnamon adds a delightful spiciness and aroma to the sweetness of pollen Stir powdered granules into vegetable juices, or even into water sweetened with raw honey. Whirl the powder into salad dressings. Sprinkle whole or powdered granules on toast topped with peanut butter.


People with known allergies to bees should avoid using bee pollen because serious reactions could occur.