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Beeswax Block
Grated Natural Beeswax

100% Pure Natural Beeswax (1 Pound Bulk Blocks)

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Info: 1 lb. Block (5.5 x 1.75 x 3 Inches)

100% pure beeswax, sourced from a local Manitoba producer. Beeswax has a wide number of uses including making candles (which burn cleanly, without drips or harmful emissions, and emit a wonderful honey scent); as a base for natural cosmetics, body and skin lotions, and salves; and to protect textiles, fabrics, or threads from moisture or make them easier to handle, including in arts and crafts, sewing or quilting, or even fly fishing.

Product Notes:

Additional Beeswax Uses

A versatile wax with many applications, beeswax can be used to condition wood (to restore its ability to retain moisture and prevent it from cracking), including cutting boards, butcher blocks, or even wooden furniture or floors.

Natural beeswax can also be used to coat screws and nails to prevent wood splitting; or to coat the rails of stuck drawers or old wooden windows. Note, that for some of these applications, beeswax is best used mixed with other substances; e.g., bronze statues can be preserved by coating them twice a year with a solution of beeswax and pine turpentine.

Aviva is your source for beeswax in Winnipeg. Looking for beads? Small white beeswax pellets are also available.


100% Pure Beeswax

Suggested Usage:

Pure beeswax has multiple uses, such as: candle making (a selection of beeswax candles is usually available in store as well); creating cosmetics; doing fabric art; waxing threads for sewing or quilting; and protecting woodwork or wood carvings.


Cold temperatures and time can cause beeswax to become dull in appearance or to 'bloom'. To make it brighter, store in a warm location or warm with a hair dryer.

As a natural product, some colour variation is common from batch to batch. Images are representative.