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100% Pure Natural Beeswax Pellets
100% Pure Natural Beeswax Pellets

100% Pure Natural Beeswax Pellets

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Info: 1 lb. (454g) Bag of Ivory White Beeswax Pellets

Now available: filtered beeswax pellets. The small size of these pellets makes them easy to measure and allows for more rapid melting. These the wax in these special pellets has been filtered to remove any foreign material, making them ideal for use in skin creams, lotions, or anything else where purity is a requirement. 

Product Notes:

Beeswax pellets are somewhat lighter in colour than unfiltered beeswax, but the inherent properties of the wax and its distinctive scent (although slightly muted) remain.

Regular yellow beeswax is also available in 1 lb. blocks.

As a natural product, some colour variation is common from batch to batch.


100% pure filtered beeswax.

Suggested Usage:

Pure beeswax has a wide range of uses. Easy to melt and mix evenly, these small beeswax beads are particularly convenient for for crafting, making small candles, or making cosmetics, soaps, or lotions.