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Boneco S250 Humidifier
Boneco S250 Humidifier in operation
Boneco S250 Humidifier in operation in a bedroom

Boneco - S250 Digital Steam Humidifier

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Info: S250 Steam Humidifier

NEW! S&H included within Canada. The S250 Digital Steam Humidifier from Boneco offers hygienic air humidification, which is best suited for families. Thanks to the built-in fan, the humidifier emits a pleasant steam which comes out as just warm to the hand, which ensures a safe and comfortable atmosphere for households with children and pets. With an easy touch digital display, the S250 works particularly efficiently. The easy handling, integrated hygrometer, and CLEANING mode are expressions of the highest Swiss quality. Last but not least, add your favourite essential oils to the fragrance container for scented humidification.

Product Notes:

Close-up of top of Boneco S250 humidifier showing a hand pouring essential oil in to add a scent

Technical data
Suitable for rooms up to: 430 square feet
Humidity output up to: 1.8 gallons every 24 hours
Water capacity: 0.8 gallon
Operating noise: <35 dB(A)
Electrical voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 133 W / 266 W
Dimensions: 12.44 x 6.77 x 11.03 inches
Weight (empty): 5.5 lbs
Accessories: A451 Anti-Mineral Pad;
        EZCal/EZCal PRO A7417/A100

Suggested Usage:

In AUTO mode, the unit automatically adjusts to an optimum relative humidity level of 45% and immediately reduces output once that value is reached. The CLEANING mode heats your decalcifying agent (EZCal recommended) which loosens any calcium that clings to the boiler plate.