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Calmat Water System
Calmat - Water Treatment System for Scale and Rust
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Calmat - Water Treatment System for Scale and Rust

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Calmat is a unique new alternative to water softeners: an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust.

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Product Notes:

This electronic anti-scale system not only helps protect against rust and corrosion, it can also gently reduce scale deposits, helping to restore water pressure and saving you money on cleaning, repairs, and hot water costs.

Maintenance-free, Calmat works without salt, chemicals or magnetic fields to protect your entire piping system and appliances! It's also very inexpensive to operate: Calmat uses very little electricity (just 4.3 watts), and only costs about $5 a year to run in some areas.

Do-it-Yourself installation, no pipe cutting required. The salt-free alternative to traditional water softeners. Suitable for all pipe materials including iron, copper, plastic, PVC, stainless steel, compound pipes etc.

Save your pipes and appliances. By reducing and preventing scale buildup, Calmat helps maintain the efficiency of your washing machine, dishwasher, hot water heater, kettles, and more. Also reduces the amount of scale reaching your clothes, dishes, skin, and hair.

Calmat Technical Specifications

Maximum pipe diameter: 1.5" (38mm)
Voltage: 24 Volt
Wattage: 4.3 Watt
Impulse cables: 2m x 3m
Power supply: 87-260 V~50/60 Hz
Output: 2x capacitive
Frequency range: 3-32 KHz
Measurements (main unit): 150/180/50 mm
Required space: 200 mm
Made in Germany since 1948.

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The Three Calmat Effects

Stops scaling on surfaces: Calmat modifies the crystallization of calcium so that it can no longer attach to surfaces and is simply washed away with the water as a fine powder.

Gentle reduction of existing build-up: Only a thin protective layer remains on the inside of the pipe.

Protection against rust and corrosion: Calmat generates a controlled electrophoresis process which produces a protective metal-carbonate layer. This layer protects against rust and corrosion.

How does Calmat work?

Calmat Water Softener SystemCalmat is a physical water treatment system that does not use chemicals, salt, filters or magnets. It doesn't change the chemical mixture of water, it changes the physical characteristics of the scale crystals so that they lose their adhesive power. Calmat doesn't need direct contact with the water, it sits outside of the pipe and treats the water with impulses generated from its electronic unit. The signal-frequencies are transmitted via the impulse cables that are wrapped around the pipe. These cables interact as pairs and form a frequency field that changes the crystals in the water as it flows by. Without the Calmat water treatment, the scale particles in water can form sticky crystals that lead to solid deposits. Using the Calmat system, scale washes away as a fine powder -- the formation of new deposits is stopped. Scale is removed faster than it forms. The natural surplus of carbonic acid dissolves the existing scale, gradually removing the deposits in the pipes. The removal of scale also leads to the removal of rust and a reduction of bacteria.
Calmat Water Scale Pipes

Scale deposits can build up on the inside of pipes, as shown here, or on the heating elements or other parts of household appliances, leading to decreased water pressure, higher costs to operate, and premature repairs or replacements. Calmat gradually resolves the existing build-up in the piping system until only a thin protective layer remains.

Video Transcription

Have you got problems with hard water? Are you also sick and tired of fighting against scale with aggressive detergents every day? Even worse, hard water will even destroy your whole piping system without you noticing it. If you wait too long, your entire pipe system will be clogged up with scale. Worst case scenario is the replacement of your whole system, a very expensive measure that you can prevent now.

Calmat is your eco-friendly solution against scale and rust. The Calmat impulse technology prevents scale from blocking your pipes. The intelligent impulses rob scale of its ability to stick to surfaces.

Small scale crystals usually come in a sticky structure. They tangle up with almost anything and will form hard deposits. Through the Calmat treatment, the crystals form in rod-like structures that will no longer stick together. The scale will be simply washed away with the water. The fine, calcium powder can now easily be removed.

You will no longer need aggressive detergents ever again. Cleaning becomes easier, and you will save on washing powder and cleaning effort. The scale can now float in the water and will be washed away.

Calmat even removes existing scale deposits in your system, thus giving it back many more years to last. Healthy minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, remain in your drinking water.

Calmat is installed without opening the pipe, no tools required. First, adjust the unit on the main pipe or on the wall. Then wind the two impulse cables around the pipe. Now, plug in the power adapter. Choose your program according to your piping features. Done.

Calmat is your eco-friendly anti-scale device. It does not need chemicals or salt. Calmat works with all pipe materials. It does not need any maintenance and comes with an international manufacturer's warranty of three years.

Calmat is a quality German product and recognized by famous institutions for its quality and safety. Buy your eco-friendly water treatment now and make sure that your water keeps on running. Calmat, against scale and rust.


Due to the wide variety of applications and water sources, results may vary.

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