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Vulcan 1000 - Electronic Anti-Scale Water System

Vulcan 1000 - Electronic Anti-Scale Water System

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The eco-friendly alternative to water softeners, Vulcan helps prevent scale and rust.

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Product Notes:

Lime scale and rust buildup can greatly restrict the water flow in your home, and left untreated, the lime, magnesium and rust in your water can be very difficult to clean off your kitchen and bathroom fixtures and walls, and can gum up or even ruin various appliances.

The Vulcan Electronic Anti-Scale Systems for residences have been designed to protect the piping system in private houses and their appliances which use water. These units can be installed within about ten minutes, and operate at very low cost, since they consume very little power and require zero maintenance.

Vulcan Model 1000 Capacity:

1000 L/Hr or 4.4 US GPM (or 3.7 UK GPM)

• Prevents Scale and Rust
• Gradually reduces existing scale and rust in the piping system
• Eco-friendly solution, without the use of salt or chemicals
• Makes it easier to clean the kitchen and bathroom where the water flows
• Considerable savings in washing and cleaning agents
• Prolongs the life of, and saves maintenance and repairs on home equipment which use water (such as such as coffee machines, washing machines, dish washers, or pool or hot tub filters)
• Leaves important minerals with health benefits in the water
• Maintenance-free
• Long life: fully cast in acrylic
• Easy installation, without needing to cut any pipes
• Works on all pipe materials: iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, compound pipes, PE-X, etc.Vulcan 1000 Specifications

The Vulcan - Impulse - Technology treats the water with special electronic impulses that take away the adhesive power of the scale particles. Scale components are simply washed away with the water as a fine powder. Vulcan carefully dissolves already existing deposits. In addition, the Vulcan impulses generate a metal-carbonate protective layer that prevents rust and pitting corrosion.

The original Vulcan 1000 residential descaler model is available here. It is recommended that you check the size of the water pipes in your home: specifically, their diameter, particularly at the input, near your water meter (where applicable), where the Vulcan device will be installed. This dictates the maximum capacity the unit will need to treat. If the input pipe is 1 inch (25 mm) or less in diameter, the Model 1000 will be a suitable application.

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CWT, Christiani Wassertechnik Germany: Water as it should be.

In 1948, Hans Otto Christiani opened up his business in Cologne, in Germany, where he produced and sold pumps and electrical appliances. Over the course of the next 60 years, the Christiani family business came to specialize in environmentally friendly technologies.

Three generations later, CWT is still a family run business, operating from its new headquarters in the German capital, Berlin. All products are engineered and manufactured in Germany, which guarantees the best possible quality. With a long tradition of producing the finest eco-friendly systems, CWT takes great pride in the fact that all products are made in Germany.

Vulcan: Against Scale and Rust.

Hard water contains a high concentration of scale. While not harmful for human health, hard water causes extensive damage to piping systems and electrical appliances. Mineral and scale deposits on kitchen, bathroom, or other surfaces, are often the first visible signs of limescale in the water.

Extensive and costly cleaning is required to control the build up of these mineral deposits. For commercial sectors, such as the hotel industry, the costs of removing scale deposits from bathrooms and kitchens can quickly become a major expense for your business. Moreover, scale deposits can cause damage to electrical appliances and equipment. Indeed, this happens when calcium and mineral-rich water comes into contact with appliances and electrical equipment.

Hard water will have this effect regardless of whether in private homes, larger buildings, or in commercial or industrial facilities. The biggest problem with scale is its invisibility, as hard water can destroy entire piping systems before anyone notices the problem.

Clogged piping systems will ultimately lose their ability to carry water, and will need to be replaced. One millimeter of scale incrustation alone takes away 10% of heating efficiency. Considering today's energy costs, it's easy to calculate how much money literally goes down the drain.

However, there is a very simple solution to the scale problem, the eco-friendly Vulcan system by CWT. Vulcan uses a technology that's been successfully applied in commercial and industrial settings for over 20 years. In its normal state, scale crystals form in complex structures and stick together.

Vulcan uses high frequency impulses that change the crystal form of the scale to a simple structure. Scale loses its ability to stick and no longer forms deposits, it's simply washed away with the water. The natural crystallization process builds up scale deposits, which are simultaneously taken away by carbonic acid in the water.

Usually, scale builds up faster than it's removed by the carbonic acid; the Vulcan system changes the balance of scale and carbonic acid, and thereby removes already existing deposits faster than they build up. This way the piping system gets cleaned, and all metal pipes are protected by a metal carbonic protective layer.

Vulcan Installation

The Vulcan system is easily installed within a few minutes.

First, you place the unit on the main pipe or wall. Then wind the two impulse cables around the pipe. After that, all you need to do is plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.

Vulcan works on all pipe materials, it doesn't require any chemicals or salt, and therefore helps the environment. Healthy minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, remain in your drinking water. Vulcan is German engineered to the highest standards, and has been recognized by globally renowned institutions for its quality and safety.

The Vulcan impulse technology has been used successfully for many years in commercial and industrial applications. The system is available in different sizes. Vulcan stops scaling on surfaces and in all appliances. It even cleans your piping system, and protects all metal pipes with a metal carbonate layer.

You save on cleaning effort and washing detergents. You'll also reduce costs for repair and maintenance of your equipment. Vulcan increases productivity in manufacturing, eliminates the need to interrupt production or replace encrusted pipes, thereby saving large amounts of money.

Vulcan, your eco-friendly solution against scale and rust.

Suggested Usage:

Installation Instructions:

For optimal water treatment, the Vulcan device is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply. The two sets of impulse band windings it comes with can be placed either on the left side, or on the right side, or underneath the electronic device. Leave a safe distance of at least half an inch (1 cm) between the two sets or bands.

The Vulcan device itself can be installed either vertically, horizontally or indeed at any other angle. If there is no space available on the pipe to attach it to, the electronic block can also be wall-mounted. In case of limited space, the windings can be placed partly on the main pipe and partly on the distributor pipe.

1. Put the two cable clips through the fixing holes at the bottom of the electronic device. Now place the device onto the pipe. Use the cable clips to latch the device to the pipe.

2. Connect one of the impulse bands to the device and use another cable clip to latch it to the pipe.

3. Wind the impulse bands around the pipe producing a coil. Make sure you wind the band tightly to the pipe and place the windings close to each other.

4. Latch the end of the impulse band to the pipe using another cable clip. Now repeat the procedure with the second impulse band.

5. First plug the connector into the upper right input jack of the device and then connect the power supply unit with an electrical outlet.

6. The red pilot lights will illuminate as soon as the device starts to operate. Vulcan works from now on maintenance-free.


Due to the wide variety of applications and water sources, results may vary.