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Ear Candles

Ear Candles

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Info: Not Available for Medical Applications

Ear candles are not available for medical applications in Canada; they are largely ineffective and can be dangerous. If you have serious problems with earwax you can have it professionally removed, or (in consultation with your health professional) see alternative at-home treatments including the Kyrosol ear wax removal kit.

Product Notes:

Simply a hollow cylinder formed from waxed cloth, ear candles are sometimes offered by naturopaths or alternative health stores as a means of clearing ear wax or treating a variety of related issues. In practice, they are ineffective and can potentially cause serious injuries and hearing loss.

Importing or selling ear candles for medical purposes is not permitted in Canada. Some retailers may seek to circumvent this policy by offering them as a novelty item for "entertainment purposes," or as a cosmetic treatment.

Some spas or massage facilities may offer ear coning as a "relaxation therapy", as a whole host of medical claims regarding wax removal, tinnitus, earaches, treatment of infections, or improved hearing are unproven and not allowed. While sales aren't strictly illegal, Health Canada may not permit sales where obvious medical use is implied.

Suggested Usage:

We suggest you don't use them.


Ear candles may cause serious injuries burns and punctured ear drums.

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