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KoMo FidiFloc, front view
KoMo FidiFloc, rear view
Specifications for KoMo FidiFloc components

KoMo - FidiFloc (Combination Grain Mill & Flaker)

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Info: Combination Mill & Flaker, in Two Types

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Product Notes:

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Prepare for perfection, with this savvy grain mill and hand flaker combination that offers the best of both worlds, to provide either freshly ground or freshly flaked finishes (depending on which side of the unit you use).

In this configuration, the hand flaker is housed right alongside the electric mill (with your choice of model/motor), which saves counter space, and also spares you from the requirement of having to attach the flaker to a table edge. The hand flaker can still be removed from the housing and used separately, if desired.

What's the Difference Between FidiFloc Models?

KoMo's FidiFloc 21 combines the FlicFloc flaker with the Fidibus 21 electric grain mill (with the smaller, 250 watt motor), while the FidiFloc Medium combines it with a more powerful 360 watt Fidibus Medium electric mill with a slightly larger millstone.

Specifications for Combined FidiFloc Units:

Composition of housing: a combination of beech plywood and solid beech; the surfaces are treated with organic vegetable oil.

Total Weight:

  • 19.2 lbs. for the 250 W Fidibus 21 model 
  • 21.4 lbs for the 360 W Fidibus Medium

Housing Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.06 x 10.87 inches (H x D x W)

The more detailed technical specifications for the individual components of the KoMo FlicFloc Flaker and the Fidibus 21 or Fidibus Medium grain mill models it is paired with are presented both in the two tables appearing among the product images and in a separate section, below.

Suggested Usage:

KoMo Fidi Floc units are perfect for users desiring a range of outcomes, be it freshly finished flours or flakes, this combination helps save both money and space.

Technical Specifications:

Characteristic FidiFloc 21 FidiFloc Medium
Electric motor size 250 Watt 360 Watt
Milling rate for wheat 100 g/min (3.53 oz/min) 100 g/min (3.53 oz/min)
Flaking rate for finely rolled oats 80-130 g/min (2.82-4.59 oz/min) 80-130 g/min (2.82-4.59 oz/min)
Capacity of hopper with wheat (Mill) | with oats (Flaker) | container (Blender) 850 g | 190 g
(29.98 oz | 6.70 oz)
850 g | 190 g
(29.98 oz | 6.70 oz)
Millstone diameter 75 mm (2.95 inches) 85 mm (3.35 inches)
Rollers and axles Stainless steel Stainless steel
Noise level with spelt, finely ground 70 db 70 db
Weight 8.7 kg (19.18 lb) 9.7 kg (21.38 lb)
Maximum height of bowl at spout 130 mm (5.12 inches) 130 mm (5.12 inches)
Height in mm (or inches) 337 (13.27) 337 (13.27)
Width in mm (inches) 279 (10.98) 279 (10.98)
Depth in mm (inches) 215 (8.46) 215 (8.46)
Housing (wooden surfaces are treated with organic vegetable oil) Solid beech/ beech plywood/ Funnel made from solid beech Solid beech/ beech plywood/ Funnel made from solid beech
Delivery includes Mill with lid; Flaker; 1 screw clamp; glass container Mill with lid; Flaker; 1 screw clamp; glass container
Limited Warranty 12 years Mill, 3 years Flaker 12 years Mill, 3 years Flaker

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