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kybun Carouge, Sand colour, outer side
Sand-colored Carouge shoe, shown from rear
kybun Carouge in Graphite, outer side
kybun Carouge in Graphite, inner side

kybun - Carouge (Men's Slip-On Lace-Ups)

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Info: In Sand or Graphite Colour; Sizes EUR 39-49 (US 6.5-14)

A Slip-On Lace-Up?! That's the latest innovation from kybun, to make it even easier for people with mobility issues to be able to stand and walk your way back to a healthy lifestyle with their wonderfully therapeutic air-cushioned sole shoes. If you take advantage of the zippers on both sides, you only have to tie the laces up once - after that, you can just open or close the zippers and slip your foot in or out. This 'uptown' tennis-shoe style kybun shoe can be combined with many types of apparel, and is not only suitable for various leisure activities, but also fashionable enough to wear in many business casual workplace settings.

Product Notes:

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

The Carouge comes in a choice of colours and materials for their upper.

The Sand-coloured one has a combination of mesh-polyester fabric and microfiber in its upper, for lots of ventilation.

The Graphite colored model has a leather upper.

The Lining for both is top-quality 3D mesh, treated with an antibacterial finish.

Their Insoles are made of top-quality 3D mesh, treated with an antibacterial finish.

The Soles for each type are made of Polyurethane, and are in the Stratus / Slim Fit style.

The Sand-coloured model is Vegan (contains no leather or other animal ingredients).

The Carouge is named after a municipality in the Swiss canton of Geneva.

Sizing Information: Shoe width: Standard.

Sizing Advice for Stratus/Slim Fit Soles:

Major retailers in other countries have found that the recommended size for kybun shoes featuring a Stratus or Slim Foot type of sole actually varies according to three main categories of the width of the customer's feet:

1) If your entire feet are narrow, then just select either the European or U.S. sizes recommended on the chart on our kybun Shoe Category Page (which is based on the original kybun soles, which came in an extra wide (4E) width), after measuring the length of your foot. (E.g. if your longest foot is 270 millimetres long, select an 8.5 U.S. Men's size.)

2) But if you have a wide midfoot, order a U.S. half size up from that (e.g. go up to size 9 rather than 8.5., to accommodate that wider portion in the middle of your foot).

3) If you have a wide forefoot, you may need to order a full U.S. size up from what the table originally recommends for that length (e.g. choose size 9.5 rather than 8.5).