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LTO3 Junior

Herb-e-Concept - LTO3 Junior

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90 Vegetable Caps

LTO3 Junior can help improve cognitive health and brain function. This natural formula from Herb-e-Concept may reduce the symptoms of ADHD and help manage stress, anxiety, and states of panic.

Product Notes:

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80073240.

LTO3 Junior is only available to ship to locations within Canada.

Also see LTO3.


Fish Oil ... 125 mg (Clupeidae Engraulidae Scombridae - Whole)
Catnip ... 40 mg (Nepeta cataria - Herb)
L-Theanine ... 30 mg
Skullcap ... 12.5 mg (Scutellaria lateriflora - Herb) 4:1 Extract equiv. to 50 mg herbs
Vitamin B6 ... 10 mg (Pyr idoxine hydrochloride)
Magnesium ... 6 mg (Magnesium citrate)
Zinc ... 3 mg (Zinc gluconate)
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