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White Elephant Neti Pot

Estie - The Elephant Neti Pot

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Info: White Neti Pot, 150g of Salt and Wooden Spoon

Neti pots are a practical and therapeutic nasal irrigation device. This gentle and effective technique of nasal irrigation is widely recommended by health practitioners worldwide. It can help with a variety of respiratory issues including allergies, asthma, congestion, and dry or infected sinuses, and also help improve your senses of smell and taste.

Product Notes:

You need only follow the simple directions (included) to prepare a saline solution with warm distilled water and salt which you use to rinse through your nostrils.


This particular neti pot model from Relaxus is made of certified lead free ceramic material and has a smooth glaze finish, and has been fashioned with 'eyes' to make it look a bit like a cute elephant, and it also comes with a 5" long wooden measuring spoon and a 150 g bag of 100% Natural Neti Pot Sea Salt.


Do not use if your nostrils or sinuses are injured, sore, or inflamed, or if you are experiencing nosebleeds.

UPC / Barcode: 628949070887