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OPUS - Replacement Whole House Sediment Filters

OPUS - Replacement Whole House Sediment Filters

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Info: 5 micron or 20 micron Filters Available

These 20 inch long replacement filters are for the OPUS Whole House point-of-entry water filtration system. Replacement intervals will vary depending on household water use and sediment levels; a filter can last up to six months. Filters should be replaced when water pressure drops; replace the 20 micron filter first (be sure to flush the filter before attaching it to the rest of the system) and, if water pressure continues to be low, replace the 5 micron filter (which will also require preparatory flushing). Be sure to specify in the drop-down menu whether the replacement filters you require are 5 micron or 20 micron filters; both are used in the Whole House System, and should be replaced at regular intervals.

Product Notes:

These filters are very large and irregular in shape, so for these products, free shipping is not included. Once we have your address, our Shipping Department will contact you to quote shipping cost; we will not proceed without your approval.

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5 Micron - $49.99
20 Micron - $49.99