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Point6 - 37.5 Quick Dry Hiking Socks
Point6 - 37.5 Quick Dry Hiking Socks
Point6 - 37.5 Quick Dry Hiking Socks

Point6 - 37.5 Quick Dry Hiking Socks

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Info: Crew Length; in Two Thicknesses or Colours

Point6 Light Cushion 37.5 Quick Dry Hiking Socks in Black

Point6 provides extremely durable yet comfortable socks which are very well suited for hiking or other outdoor activities. The moisture-regulating properties of their Superior Merino Wool (which has been blended with nylon and a bit of spandex to achieve a better fit) help keep your feet and lower legs warm and dry, and that has now been bolstered with active particles which attract and dissipate moisture while it still vapor, which helps keep your feet drier longer, and also reduces their drying time after washing or between uses.

Product Notes:

These Quick Dry Hiking Socks come either with a moderate amount of cushioning on the sole (Light: the third of Point6's six cushioning levels) in either Black or Gray to help absorb some of the shock as you walk without letting your foot slip back and forth within the sock so much it causes chafing, or with a Medium cushion (in gray).

For more information on the many advanced engineering features of the original generation of the Point6 - Superior Merino Wool Socks and how they are constructed to be so durable that they have a 100% Lifetime Guarantee (shipping costs not included), please see our article in the preceding link.

This new 37.5 Quick Dry / Vapor Series Technology takes that even farther, by infusing their blend of superior merino wool, nylon, and spandex with active particles, which has several effects: enhancing evaporation, accelerating dry time (by 74%), making them much more breathable, and providing even better temperature regulation.

In addition to these quick drying hiker socks (which are also suitable for other activities, particularly in the lighter weight, such as biking, running, or walking to work), we also carry Point6 Compression Socks in the 37.5 Quick Dry material.


Light Cushion types: 62% Wool, 31% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

Medium Cushion type: 75% Wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Spandex.

Product Options:
Black, Light Cushion, Large - $38.99 - UPC: 814895022654
Black, Light Cushion, X-Large - $38.99 - UPC: 814895024818
Gray, Light Cushion, Large - $38.99 - UPC: 814895022562
Gray, Light Cushion, X-Large - $38.99 - UPC: 814895022579
Gray, Medium Cushion, Large - $41.99 - UPC: 814895024849
Gray, Medium Cushion, X-Large - $41.99 - UPC: 814895024856