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Silit Quadro 16cm square Low Casserole, Black
Silit Quadro 18cm square High Casserole, Black
Silit Quadro 22cm square High Casserole, Black
Silit Quadro Casserole Lid
Silit Quadro Casserole Bottom
Silit Quadro Casserole handle
Silit Quadro 16cm square Low Casserole, Red
Silit Quadro 22cm square High Casserole, Red
Silit Quadro 4 Pot Set, in Red

Silit - Quadro Square Casserole Cookware

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Info: Casseroles with Lids, available in Different Sizes & Red or Black; Limited Stock Remaining

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Remember how they used to tell you to "Be there or be square?" It was a jibe, but with Silit's line of Quadro casserole dishes, you just might choose to be square! Made from Silit's own uniquely designed ceramic Silargan, Quadro cookware provides a non-porous and nickel free cooking surface that preserves the full aroma and flavour of your food. Wear-resistant and durable, the Quadro line brings to the Silit family all the benefits of angular cookware, including space economization, corners for easy liquid drainage, and the shape requisite for lasagnas, broad noodle dishes, and other dishes that need to be cut into easily divisible portions.

Product Notes:

Suitable for the stovetop or oven, the Quadro can cut down the number of dishes you use, allowing you to cook meat or vegetables in the same pan you use to bake them. And like all Silit cookware, the Quadro is incredibly easy to clean; its even distribution of heat keeps food from baking onto the side, bottom, and corners, while its stick-resistant surface makes any remaining food easy to remove – and if there's still anything left, Quadro casserole dishes are dishwasher safe. Cookware doesn't get any more versatile, convenient, or space-savvy than this!

For use on all stovetop surfaces, including glass ceramic, electro, gas, induction, and sensor cooking. Silit's ingenious cookware design brings you the best features of both metal and ceramic cookware; the ferromagnetic steel core allows for heat distribution and use of induction stovetops, while the ceramic, non-porous Silargan surface ensures no nickel or other contaminants are added to your food.

There is a 30 year manufacturer's guarantee on Silargan surfaces.

To provide an idea of the relative sizes of each pot, the final product photo shows all three of them together, along with a saucepan (that full set is available - sold separately).

Composition and Manufacturing Process:

This cookware is made with a sturdy ferromagnetic steel core, which is drawn in one piece to form the pan, which gets immersed in molten Silargan – an extremely durable proprietary high-tech ceramic compound which becomes harder than steel (making it highly resistant to cuts and scratches), and even has anti-bacterial properties – and then gets polished, and has its top edge buffed to produce a flared pouring rim, and gets its handles attached, as shown in this video.

The transparent lid is made from high-quality, heat-resistant glass, with a stainless steel rim and hollow stainless steel handles.

Product Options:
16cm square Low Casserole: Black (2L capacity) - $239.99 - UPC: 4004633295013
16cm square Low Casserole: Red (2L capacity) - $239.99 - UPC: 4004633295587
18cm square High Casserole: Black (3.7L capacity) - $279.99 - UPC: 4004633295051
18cm square High Casserole: Red (3.7L capacity) - $279.99 - UPC: 4004633295624
22cm square High Casserole: Black (6.8L capacity) - $299.99 - UPC: 4004633295075
22cm square High Casserole: Red (6.8L capacity) - $299.99 - UPC: 4004633295648