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32 oz / 0.9 L Standard Vitamix Container with Wet Blades
Standard 32 and 64 oz Vitamix Containers Without Blades
Split-screen shot of Wet Blades on one side and Dry Blades on other
20 oz / 0.6L Container/Travel Cup for Vitamix S Series
Standard 48 oz/1.4L Vitamix Container with Wet Blades
Vitamix 32 oz/0.9L Dry Grains Container
Standard (tall) 64 oz / 2 litre Vitamix Container
Low Profile 64-ounce/ 2.0-litre Vitamix Container

Vitamix - Blender Containers for Legacy Models

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Info: Vitamix Container with Lid (Several Options)

Available in different types and sizes to best suit your cooking space and your culinary requirements, these BPA-free containers from Vitamix are engineered to rotate ingredients back to the blades for quicker, more efficient processing. Please find detailed information below, read carefully to ensure which model is best suited to your needs.

Info: Vitamix Container with Lid (Several Options)

Available in different types and sizes to best suit your cooking space and your culinary requirements, these BPA-free containers from Vitamix are engineered to rotate ingredients back to the blades for quicker, more efficient processing. Please find detailed information below, read carefully to ensure which model is best suited to your needs.

Product Notes:

These Eastman Tritan copolyester containers are for use with Vitamix blenders only. They come in a choice of both container size (32, 48, or 64 oz), and blade type (Wet or Dry, which either pull the ingredients down towards the blades, or push them up and away, respectively). The lids are included, with the full containers.

For the full-size countertop units (G-Series and C-Series), there is also an option to get the 32 ounce version without blades. For containers ordered without blade assemblies, the use of the fitted wrench is recommended for transferring blades (sold separately).

In addition, a limited number of the 20-ounce Travel Cup containers for the Vitamix S-Series personal blenders are also available here (while supplies last).

Finally, Vitamix has also created two new containers which are compatible with virtually all their full-size machines (except for their new One model, which can only use its own 32 ounce container): a 48 ounce Stainless Steel container; and a 48 oz Container featuring an Aer Disc rather than blades, which can be used for Emulsifying, Foaming, Muddling, and Whipping. If you are already familiar with these, for your convenience, they are offered for purchase at the bottom of the drop-down ordering list here; otherwise they are shown and described over on our Vitamix Ascent Containers page.

In addition to the containers and blade assemblies represented here, Aviva also offers a selection of other Vitamix replacement parts and accessories, and a collection of containers for use exclusively with the Vitamix Ascent Series.

About the Evolution and Compatibility of Vitamix Containers

three Vitamix container sizes

In 2013, Vitamix introduced a new lower profile container design for use with select models. They continue to offer a number of blender models that use their original container design, however.

Vitamix models that use the original taller blender container include (among others): Total Nutrition Center, 5000 Series, 5200 Series, Turbo 450, Commercial Vita-Prep, Professional CIA Series (Pro 500, Pro 200). All of these models can use the following containers:

64 Oz Container (the older, taller design)

32 Oz Wet Container. Compatible with full-size Vitamix C-Series and G-Series models and uses the older, longer tamper. Not compatible with Ascent series.

32 Oz Dry Container. Compatible with full-size Vitamix C-Series and G-Series models and uses the older, longer tamper (however a tamper is usually not required if you are grinding dry ingredients). Not compatible with Ascent series.

48 Oz Wet Container. Compatible with all full-size Vitamix C-Series and G-Series models – and is the only container that comes with its own "mini" tamper. Not compatible with Ascent series. Please note, the blade assembly included with this container is not compatible with other containers.

The 32 oz & 64 oz containers use the original tamper accelerator tool (sold separately), which is longer than the accelerator tool tamper sold with the Pro 300 and Pro 750 machines. The size of the opening in the lid controls how far you can put the tamper into the container, to prevent the tamper from striking the blades.

Vitamix's newer container design (wider 64 oz low profile) is available with the Pro 300 and Pro 750 models. These Professional Series models include a shorter tamper. The shorter tamper for these units cannot be used in any of the older containers. The longer tamper that comes with the older Vitamix blenders cannot be used in the shorter 64 oz container as it will strike the blades.

The newer 64 ounce / 2.0 Litre capacity Low Profile (LP) container and the shorter tamper for it (sold separately) are now available to be purchased individually, as well. This style of container, which is 25.6 cm high and comes with laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 10 cm in diameter, comes packaged with both the Pro 300 and 750 Vitamix models, and is also compatible with the G-Series and the Vitamix 5300. It has a comfortable, soft-grip handle, and comes with a lid (and a removable plug for the middle of the lid), and has a 3-year warranty.

Vitamix Container Compatibility: All the original container designs featured on this page (the taller 64 oz, 32 oz wet and dry, and 48 oz wet) as well as the new Stainless Steel container offered on the Ascent page will also fit on the Pro series Vitamix machines (Pro 300 and Pro 750). However, the wider and shorter 64 oz containers that come packaged with the Pro 300 and Pro 750 are not available for individual sale and are not compatible with older Vitamix blenders.

Apart from the new Stainless Steel and the new Aer Disc containers, NONE of the containers listed on this page can be used with Vitamix's Ascent Series; the Ascent models use a different design for containers.

Wet Blades / Dry Blades

Q: What is the difference between the blades in the standard Vitamix container vs. the dry grains container?

A: The blades in standard Vitamix containers (sometimes referred to as 'wet blades') pull food down through the blades during processing. The dry grains container blades are designed to push foods up and away, making this the better choice for grinding dry grains or kneading sticky bread dough.

Vitamix Dry Grains Container

Designed specifically for grinding dry materials such as grains, cereal and coffee, this blade assembly can also be used for kneading bread dough. Perfect for processing dry grains, the Vitamix container with Dry Grains blade assembly will grind fresh flour from whole grains in seconds, Vitamix engineers designed its blades to perform this process impeccably. The dry blades are NOT designed to process liquids efficiently, and are clearly marked "D". Exercise caution: Grinding dry material for more than two continuous minutes could potentially damage your machine. Regular use may result in cosmetic marring of the container and cause the blades to become dull.

Features of the Dry Grains Container:

Whole Grains Cookbook

* Lightweight
* Perfect for making fresh flours and homemade cereals
* Blades specifically designed to process dry grains into fresh flours
* BPA Free Eastman Tritan copolyester
* Laser-cut stainless steel dry blades designed for efficient processing of dry grains in flour
* Two-part vented lid with opening
* Includes the Whole Grains Cookbook, complete with about 50 pages of recipes and helpful hints for grinding grain and kneading dough in the same container.

Vitamix Standard/Wet Blade Assembly Container

Designed primarily for processing liquids including juice, frozen mixtures, sauces, soups, purees, batters, and for wet chopping. The standard wet blades can also grind grain and knead dough, however they are not quite as efficient as the dry blades assembly for this specific application. If used for grinding, your container may mar and become cloudy.

Vitamix 32 Oz Containers: Height: 9.8 in / 24.89 cm. Height when sitting on blender base: 16.9 in / 42.93 cm. 32 oz./.9 L rated capacity. Great for single servings. The standard Vitamix container is lightweight and durable. Its laser-cut stainless steel hammermill cutting blades are designed to perfectly pulverize whole foods and process small quantities of smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts. When seated on the Vitamix blender base it fits nicely under most kitchen cabinets and into smaller spaces.

* Container Material: BPA Free Eastman Tritan copolyester
* Standard wet blades: foods for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts
* Spill-proof vented lid with plug for safely adding ingredients while machine is running
* Includes measurements

Vitamix Personal Blender 20 Oz Travel Cup Container

The dual-purpose S-Series container and travel cup is both a standard to-go cup for hot and cold beverages, and a blending container for use with the Vitamix S-Series machines (S30, S50 and S55).

Flip-Top Lid: Safely take beverages to go with the spill-proof flip-top lid and seal.

Dishwasher Safe: Both the container and lid are top rack dishwasher-safe.

Double-Insulated: Double-wall insulated material maintains temperatures while you’re on the go.

Design Feature: Safety interlock tabs securely lock the container to the S-Series motor base

Dimensions: 20.3 cm high
Capacity: 0.6-litres
Weight: 0.79 kg / 1.75 lbs
Material: BPA-free Eastman Tritan Copolyester
Warranty: 3-Years

Vitamix 64 Oz. / 2 Litre Containers

The 64 oz./2.0 L Vitamix containers are perfect for family meals and entertaining. They feature a soft-grip handle and 2-part vented lid to easily add ingredients while processing.

* Great for processing smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and more
* 64 oz./2.0 L rated blending capacity
* Comfortable, soft-grip handle
* Tamper sold separately: The Tamper fits securely into the 64 oz./2.0 L container, through the lid, to help process thick mixtures. It has a collar designed to prevent it from hitting the blades.
* Height: 13.4 in / 34.04 cm. Height when sitting on blender base: 20.5 in / 57.07 cm
* Soft-grip, ergonomically-designed handle
* Please note, the 64 oz. Dry Grains container has been discontinued (the dry blades are now only available in a 32 ounce container).

Product Options:
20 oz Container for S-Series Personal Blenders - $34.95 - UPC: 703113563041
32 oz / 0.9L Standard Container (without blades) - $39.99 - UPC: 703113158636
32 oz / 0.9L Standard Container (with Wet Blades & Lid) - $175.00 - UPC: 703113158421
32 oz/0.9L Dry Grains Container (with Dry Blades and Book) - $194.99 - UPC: 703113158452
48 oz/1.4L Standard Container (with Blades, Lid, Plug, & Mini Tamper) - $189.00 - UPC: 703113152559
64 oz Standard Container (with Wet Blades, lid and plug) - $175.00 - UPC: 703113158568
64 oz Low Profile G-Series Container (with blades, lid and plug) - $219.00 - UPC: 703113162282
Aer Disc 48oz Container (compatible with C & G-Series) - $199.95 - UPC: 703113654213
48 oz Stainless Steel Container w/ Wet Blades (compatible with C & G-Series) - $199.95 - UPC: 703113678912