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Blueair: Giving You Cleaner, Healthier Air

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(Video Transcript)

Air gives life to all living things. From our first miraculous breath the air we breathe is something we count on. A conviction taken to its edge in Sweden, one of the planet’s cleanest countries where the benefits and importance of clean air have long been recognized. So perhaps it’s not that strange that probably the best air purifier in the world was created here. Swedish born Blueair has become a global success story by revolutionizing air cleaning technology and setting a new standard for air purifiers. Today, Blueair delivers clean air to hundreds of thousands of customers in even the most polluted areas of the world.

Your home is constantly being bombarded by pollutants. To dramatically reduce the concentration of these pollutants you need to continuously clean the air, effectively, at a high rate. The performance of air purifiers is measured in CADR, clean air delivery rate. Thanks to Blueair’s patented HEPASilent technology we can achieve, both high air flow and high efficiency, with low noise and low energy consumption. This is why Blueair has won multiple awards including for making, not only the world’s most energy efficient, but also the planet’s highest performing air purifier.

Blueair Clean Air Certifications

Let’s take a look inside a Blueair purifier to understand how it delivers such great, clean air. Air is drawn into the purifier and into the ion chamber where every airborne particle picks up an electric charge which ensures that the pollutants are trapped with high efficiency by the fibres of Blueair’s naturally anti-bacterial progressive filters. Unlike the denser filters of our competitors which inhibit air flow and lower the clean air delivery rate, our unique electrical charge and gradient structure filter prevents clogging and reduces the amount of energy required to push the air through.

Finally, our ultra silent fan pushes only emission free air out into your home, office, or personal air zone, ensuring you breathe air as clean and fresh as nature intended. Blueair’s super efficient Scandinavian designed air purifiers reflect the contemporary belief that clean, pure air is a human right. So, join the Blueair family and take a deep breath of fresh, life enhancing air today and long into the future.

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