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10 Reasons to Buy a Blueair

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(1) Blueair is the highest rated air purifier in the industry

Blueair units are one of the highest performing air purifiers on the market which is shown by its ratings from AHAM, highest CADR. Blueair 650E has higher CADR than what can be measured.

(2) Patented HEPASilent filter technology

Blueair delivers maximum airflow of clean air with minimum noise thanks to the exclusive HEPASilent technology, meaning excellent performance on all speed levels.

Air is drawn into the Blueair system through an ultra-quiet fan. Airborne particles pass an ionizer and get an electrostatic charge. This causes them to cling effortlessly to our gradient structured polypropylene filter media (odors are absorbed by the carbon medium in the SmokeStop filter that is available as option). This is why Blueair captures smaller particles more efficiently than standard HEPA filters or ion generators without high-pressure drop and high noise levels.

(3) Near silent operation

Noise levels at HEPASilent mode are as low as 32 dB(A) for all Blueair units. The quiet operation allows running the unit in bedrooms at nighttime, without disturbing the sleep.

(4) Highest quality product and components

Blueair housings are made of galvanized steel, rather than less durable plastic, assuring reliable performance. Units sold from the first batch ever made are today, over 15 years later, still running and supplied with filters.

(5) Warranty

Blueair offers an extended one year to two years limited warranty to assure you about the durability of the units.

(6) Easy to change filters

No tools required.

(7) Award winning Swedish design

The sleek contemporary design fits any interior décor. It’s unobtrusive and can be placed anywhere in the room.

(8) Easy to move around

Blueair units come with wheels (larger capacity models) or with handles (smaller capacity models).

(9) Low energy consumption

Blueair was the first air purifier brand to have all its units certified by the ENERGY STAR. Depending on the unit, Blueair uses from 10 to 120 Watts on maximum speed. Blueair ECO10 was the world’s most energy efficient air purifier when it came out.

(10) Zero Ozone Emission

The use of active ionization (particle charging) to capture particles should not be associated with dangerous indoor ozone. Tests show that our systems ozone concentration is actually lower than incoming air. Blueair units are continuously tested to meet safety limits of ozone emission levels.

Health Disclaimer. Published with permission.

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