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Airpura - I600-UV Air Purifier, for Healthcare

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Info: 1 Air Purification Unit

This air purifier was specially designed for use in healthcare settings such as clinics, but is also suitable for the waiting rooms of other facilities where some people may be coming in with colds or other illnesses, putting your staff and clients at risk. It is fairly compact in size (23" high, 15" in diameter) and can be easily moved around (it is on casters), and operates pretty quietly (just 28.1 db on the lowest speed, from 6 feet away, or up to 62.3 db on the highest of its variable speeds), yet is effective for areas as large as 2000 square feet. Free shipping in Canada.

Product Notes:

The Airupura I600-UV provides four stages of filtration:
• The prefilter on the outer layer removes most visible particles such as dust. It can be vacuumed periodically from the exterior of the unit, and should be changed every 12 months, depending on use.
• The optional Hi-C Carbon Frame and Weave filter -- a larger, outer cylinder -- is for basic chemical, gas and odor suppression. This material, which is also known as "paratrooper carbon," has been used to protect soldiers from poisonous gases and chemical warfare. This filter should be changes every 4 to 6 months.
• Inside that is a large, hospital grade True HEPA filter which traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, accomplished by over 100 square feet of filtration surface with 3" deep folds (which were rolled while warm to avoid cracking and leakage). These filters can last between 5 and 7 years, with regular use.
• At the very core is the 20 watt UV Germicidal lamp, to sterilize antigens and pathogens.

Detailed product information: [I600 PDF]. The Airpura Limited Warranty for this model is 2 years parts, 5 years labour.

Diagram of Filtration System for Airpura model I600 UV

Negative Air accessories may also be available for this model, to enable you to quickly set-up an isolation area; please contact us for details.