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Airpura - Whole House Air Purifier

Airpura - Whole House Air Purifier

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Info: Airpura 600 Central Air System; Several Options

Airpura's line of free-standing units can purify the air in single rooms up to 2,000 square feet with a variety of options tailored to specific types of pollutants, but what happens if there are walls or floors dividing the whole space you want cleaned? If you're looking to clean the air in a house with a central heating or cooling system, Airpura's high-efficiency Whole House (W600) systems are an excellent solution. These powerful systems can be installed as a by-pass into your central air system relatively easily and provide your whole home with cleaner, healthier air.

Product Notes:

The Airpura W600 Central Air System continually draws out a portion (the amount varies according to your settings on its variable speed control) of the main airflow of your indoor air after it's been heated or cooled (if applicable), purifies it, and returns it the system cleaned, to be distributed throughout your home. Its fan motor is efficient enough to ensures your central air system maintains its same air pressure, and it can continue to operate even when your central air system is turned off (if you don't have the furnace, A/C, and/or central fan on).

These models all share the same powdercoat Steel Housing (which is quite robust and does not emit vapors as some plastic units do); Pre-Filter pad (which is easy to replace: simply unclip the input pipe and swap it out); HEPA filter (which traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns); 1-piece Motor/Fan assembly (which is situated away from the airflow, and eliminates vibration problems); unique Pressure Seal system in the filter chamber (to ensure all impurities pass through the filters, without allowing dirty air to escape); and Felt Gaskets (to seal the filter chamber with no off gassing, which you might get from rubber seals) -- and vary in the type of added filters or if they also have a built-in UV lamp.

Airpura Whole House Air Purifier Options

* H600-W base model with Large Scale Particle Filtration for Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

* I600, which is geared to addressing airborne medical pathogens; both these initial models use the 'HiC Carbon' bed

* R600-W, which uses a regular 2" carbon bed, for safe, effective all-purpose air purification for home, office and workshops

* C600-W, which uses Extra Large Carbon Bed (it can take either a 3" regular or a 3" Super Blend carbon bed), for Maximum Chemical Adsorption

* V600-W, which has a 2" bed of Enhanced Super Blend Carbon for Specific Chemicals and VOCs and for controlling pet odors and danger

* UV600-W, which has a regular 2" carbon bed, and a UV lamp situated within the filter chamber to sterilize mold spores, micro-organisms, antigens, and pathogens right before they get captured by the filters, for complete filtration for Microbes, Chemicals & Particles

* F600-W, which has an extra large, special blend carbon bed for increased adsorption of Formaldehyde and other chemicals related to manufacturing

* P600-W, which uses the regular 2" carbon bed, but features the new TitanClean photocatalytic oxidation technology which works with the built-in UV lamp to break the molecular bonds of airborne chemical pollutants down to become just carbon dioxide and water vapor, for complete filtration for Chemicals, Odors, Particles & Microorganisms.

...with the Deluxe Versions of those having a 3" deep carbon bed, rather than a 2" deep one (which represents 26 pounds of carbon per filter, rather than 18), to ensure proper dwell times for maximum chemical adsorption.

Technical Specifications

* Air Flow: up to 560 CFM (more cubic feet per minute than nearly all available portable units).
* Fan/Motor: Permanent split capacitor, backward curved motorized impeller.
* Power Consumption: 120 Watts on high; 40 on low.
* Voltage Options: 115 volts. (220 volt models are also available).
* Size: 22" height; 15" diameter.
* Weight: 45 to 60 lbs. total weight, depending on model.
* Sound Level: 28.1 dB on low (at 6 feet away); up to 62.3 db on high (560 CFM). (Room level 25.1db)
* Housing /Finish: Powder coat steel body.
* ETL Certified: Conforms to ANSI/UL 507; CSA C22.2 no. 113.
* Fume / Odor / Chemical Control:
18 - 26 lbs Carbon, regular or special blend;
570 sq. inch surface area, 12" x 2" to 3" deep
* HEPA: True HEPA 40 square feet; warm-rolled to prevent cracking; 10 pleats per sq. inch, which maximizes filtration (other systems only use 6 to 8 folds); spacers to make sure every single fold filters.
* Pre-filter: 285 sq. inches x 1" deep.

HVAC Connection Possibilities (optional wall mounting bracket also available, please contact us for additional information):
Airpura 600w Connection Possibilities

Product Options:
H600-W, For Allergy & Asthma Sufferers - $1,284.98
I-600-W, for Isolation and Particle Abatement - $1,309.98
R600-W, All-Purpose - $1,419.98
C600-W, for Maximum Chemical Adsorption - $1,484.98
C600DLX-W, Deluxe Version - $1,619.98
T600-W, for Heavy Tobacco Smoke - $1,484.98
T600DLX-W, Deluxe Version - $1,619.98
V600-W, for VOCs & Specific Chemicals - $1,549.98
F600-W, for extra Formaldehyde adsorption - $1,549.98
F600DLX-W, Deluxe Version - $1,754.98
UV600-W, for Microbes, Chemicals & Particles - $1,689.98
P-600-W, ft. TitanClean photocatalytic oxidation - $1,959.98