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Blueair - Replacement BLUE Pure 211+ Air Filter
Blueair - Replacement BLUE Pure 211+ Air Filter
Blueair - Replacement BLUE Pure 211+ Air Filter
Directions for installing Replacement BLUE Pure 211+ Air Filter
Diagram of Operations of Blueair BLUE Pure 211 Air Purifier

Blueair - Replacement BLUE Pure 211+ Air Filter

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Info: For Use Only with BLUE Pure 211+ Model

Blueair BLUE Pure 211 Air Purifier

Replacement filters are available for use with the BLUE Pure 211+ air purifiers from Blueair (sold separately). These 2-in-1 filters combine a standard particle filter on its outer layer for removing small particles, with a sheet of activated carbon filter in its interior for removing smoke and odors.

Product Notes:

The particle filter on the outer layer of this combination filter consists of 4 square metres of advanced filter media that's interwoven with millions of ultra-thin fibres of different sizes and layers -- the largest of its kind in its class. With twice the surface area, there is more filter media to capture and retain airborne particles. This progressive filter design permanently captures 99% of airborne particles including pollen, dust, smoke, PM2.5, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria and other airborne contaminants. Its polypropylene material eliminates any buildup of moisture that causes mold, and is resistant to fibre shedding. This filter is recyclable with other types of plastics when it is time to replace it; or, if it's left to decompose, the filter media will break down to become harmless carbon dioxide and water.

And to further raise your indoor air quality, the added carbon sheet in the interior of this combination filter provides further protection against both gaseous and particulate contaminants by removing potentially harmful gases or volatile organic compounds as well as tobacco smoke and other odours.

Both parts of this filter are recyclable, and it is recommended that you replace it every 6 months.

Suggested Usage:

Simply click the buttons on the side of the unit to release the head unit, lift out and remove the used filter, unfold the new filter so it becomes a square, fit it into the lower housing, then lower the head unit onto it until it makes a "click" sound to lock into place.


These collapsible filters are designed for the Blue 211+ model only (which came out in 2017), and are not compatible with the original Pure 211 model (from 2016), unless it has been retrofitted with a separate metal housing for its base.

These collapsible filters are designed for use with Blueair's BLUE Pure 211+ air purifier (the type with an enduring wire frame in the base). The 'plus' model was released in 2017. These filters are not compatible with the original Pure 211 model from 2016. 

This filter is likely also compatible with the model sold by Costco called the Blueair Blue Pure Max Air Purifier (as long as it came with a foldable filter, which opens up into a square with no wire on the outside). It's intended to fit into the enduring wire frame which serves as the base of the unit.

UPC / Barcode: 689122009711