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Garlique Supplements (Healthy Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Formula)

Garlique Supplements (Healthy Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Formula)

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Info: Not Available in Canada

Garlique supplements are heavily marketed and widely available in the USA. However, neither of their popular products are licensed for sale in Canada. Alternatively, please see similar garlic products from Kyolic, Allimax, and Strauss.

Product Notes:

Garlique supplements are sold in the USA in two types, with the stand-alone Garlique Healthy Cholesterol Formula providing at least 5 mg of garlic's most well-known (but difficult to take advantage of) active ingredient, allicin, per caplet, from an unspecified amount of garlic powder extract; and at least 1,800 mcg in the Garlique Healthy Blood Pressure Formula, which also provides modest amounts of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamins B6 & B12 and Folic Acid.

Fortunately, while Garlique isn't available in Canada, there are a number of comparable items which are available, including:

- two types of Kyolic Aged Garlic, which have less of the characteristic taste and odor of standard garlic extracts: the stand-alone Extra Strength One-A-Day Formula, and the maintenance strength Formula 104 Cholesterol Control, which has Lecithin as a cofactor;

- two types by Allimax which provide lesser amounts of Allicin per capsule (about 54 and 135 mcg for the regular and Pro types) than the Garlique brands, but in a 100% Stabilized and bioactive form, which is far more potent; and,

- Strauss Heartdrops, which provide 435.5 mg of aged garlic bulb extract per ml (with an unspecified amount of allicin), along with modest amounts of other cardioprotective herbs: bilberry, cayenne, European mistletoe, hawthorn, and white willow bark.

We will be sure to post updates regarding a potential Canadian launch if and when Garlique becomes available here.

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