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Group shot of 11 types of NOW Complex Essential Oil Blends
30 ml bottle of NOW Morning Sunshine [Uplifting Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Bottled Bouquet [Romance Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Cheer Up Buttercup [Uplifting Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Clear the Air [Purifying Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Focus Essential Oil Blend [Centering Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Naturally Loveable [Romance Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Nature's Shield [Protective Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Peace & Harmony [Balancing Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Peaceful Night [Calming Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Power to Flowers [Balancing Blend]
30 ml bottle of NOW Smiles for Miles [Uplifting Blend]

NOW - Complex Essential Oil Blends

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Info: 30 ml (1 fl oz) Bottles, Available in Many Types (Prices Vary for Each Type)

Whether you are relatively new to the possibilities of aromatherapy and are unsure of which types of essential oils go well with each other or for what purposes and in what ratios, or if you simply want the convenience of having them premixed for you, NOW now offers a whole line of complex blends geared to the particular purposes given in their subtitles. Most feature at least four types of essential oils in each blend; some as many as nine. If you would like less complex blends, please see our NOW - Essential Oil Blends page, which offers blends of just two types together (some with the main powerful scent blended with a relatively neutral carrier oil).


Bottled Bouquet [Romance Blend]:
Lavender Oil*, Ylang Ylang Oil*, Bergamot Oil*, Orange Oil**, Patchouli Oil*, Cedarwood Oil.*
A sweet, warm and floral aroma with fresh citrus notes; and romantic, balancing, calming attributes.

Cheer Up Buttercup [Uplifting Blend]:
Bergamot Oil*, Orange Oil*, Lime Oil**, Grapefruit Oil*, Lemon Oil*.
A citrus aroma with light herbal elements; having uplifting, refreshing, energizing attributes.

Clear the Air [Purifying Blend]:
Peppermint Oil*, Eucalyptus Oil*, Hyssop Oil*, Rosemary Oil.*
A fresh mint aroma; with purifying, cleansing, refreshing attributes -- great for travelers, or for seasonal use.

Focus Essential Oil Blend [Centering Blend]:
Lemon Oil*, Peppermint Oil**, Wintergreen Oil**, Basil Oil**, Rosemary Oil**, Grapefruit Oil.*
A minty citrus with wintergreen aroma; having balancing, centering, focusing attributes.

Morning Sunshine [Uplifting Blend]:
Rosemary Oil*, Grapefruit Oil**, Orange Oil**, Peppermint Oil*, Cinnamon Bark Oil.*
A citrus aroma with a slight spicy undertone; having energizing, focusing, soothing attributes. A great way to start the day.

Naturally Loveable [Romance Blend]:
Lemon Oil**, Orange Oil**, Sandalwood Blend*, Jasmine Absolute Blend#, Ylang Ylang Oil.*
A sweet floral citrus aroma, with romantic, comforting, and calming attributes. If using as part of a Massage Oil, dilute it in the following ratio:
1 oz. of the carrier oil (such as jojoba) to 10 to 30 drops of the essential oil blend.

Nature's Shield [Protective Blend]:
Clove Bud Oil (Syzygium aromaticum)*, Organic Lemon Oil (Citrus limon)**, Cinnamon Bark Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)*, Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus radiata)*, Organic Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis).
A contemporary version of 'Four Thieves Vinegar'/Thieves Oil; blended for aromatherapeutic use, but can be used for other purposes. With a sweet, invigorating and camphoraceous aroma, it's uplifting and energizing, and ideal to use for freshening and cleansing.

Peace & Harmony [Balancing Blend]:
Peppermint Oil**, Patchouli Oil**, Orange Oil*, Lavender Oil**, Basil Oil.**
A minty floral herb aroma, with centering, calming, and balancing Attributes.

Peaceful Night [Calming Blend]:
Orange Oil*, Tangerine Oil*, Lavender Oil**, Chamomile Oil**, Ylang Ylang Oil**, Grapeseed Oil***, Sandalwood Blend.**
A calming, relaxing, soothing floral citrus aroma:
great for unwinding before a good night's sleep or a nap.

Power to Flowers [Balancing Blend]:
Ylang Ylang Oil*, Orange Oil**, Patchouli Oil.*
Sweet, floral aroma, with calming, soothing, and uplifting attributes.

Smiles for Miles [Uplifting Blend]:
Orange Oil*, Bergamot Oil*, Grapefruit Oil*, Lime Oil**, Lemon Oil*, Natural Vanilla Oil***(1% solution in expeller pressed Jojoba Oil), Cinnamon Bark Oil**, Nutmeg Oil*, Ginger Oil.**
Mild citrus aroma with warm spice notes; having uplifting, refreshing, energizing attributes.

* = Steam Distilled

** = Cold Pressed

# = Solvent Extracted

*** = CO2 Extracted

Suggested Usage:

Add to a diffuser (following the manufacturer's directions for that particular machine), or create a room mister by adding 30 drops to 30 ml of water in a spray bottle.


Natural essential oils are highly concentrated, and should be used with care. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. These are not intended for internal use, nor for topical use on skin. Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

UPC Code: 733739876317