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NOW - Essential Oil Blends

NOW - Essential Oil Blends

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Info: 30 ml (1 fl oz) Bottles; Many Types (Prices Vary by Type)

With all the qualities you love about their line of 100% Pure essential oils, NOW's essential oil blends offer a variety of options. Whether you're looking for some of the best or commonly used combinations of just a couple of scents, or are simply looking for oils that are prediluted and ready for use, these are the perfect choice. (For premixed combinations of quite a number scents, please see our Complex Essential Oil Blends.)

Product Notes and Ingredients:

Frankincense - 733739875488
Fruity and resinous, with subtle green notes, the scent of frankincense tells of riches, wisdom, and divinity.
20% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carterii), 80% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Jasmine Absolute - 733739875570
Liliac-like, with notes of intriguing depth; relaxing, calm, and seductive.
7.5% Pure Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum), 92.5% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Lavender & Tea Tree - 733739877284
The clean scent of tea tree oil sweetened with luxurious lavender.
Pure Lavender (Lavandula officinalis (spp)) Oil, Pure Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Oil.

Lemon & Eucalyptus - 733739877291
Like an herbal version of lemon cut with the penetrating scent of eucalyptus.
Pure lemon oil (cold pressed), and pure eucalyptus oil & pure lemongrass oil (steam distilled).

- 733739075437
Musky yet sweet, the subtlety of the scent of myrrh has made it a favourite throughout a long history dating back to classical and biblical eras.
20% Pure Myrrh Oil, 80% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Neroli - 733739075765
Subtly floral and slightly herbal with pungent notes, the scent of Neroli is sophisticated and intriguing.
7.5% Pure Neroli Oil, 92.5% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Rose Absolute - 733739075970
A classic scent, delicate and romantic.
5% Pure Rose Absolute, 95% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Rosewater Concentrate - 733739877550
Discovered by the Arabian physician Avicenna, Rosewater was arguably the first modern perfume, and for good reason, given its delicate, romantic scent.
2% Rose Oil, Alcohol, Distilled Water, Rose Fragrances.

Sandalwood - 733739876683
Slightly sweet, sandalwood has a deep, subtle, earthy aroma.
14% Pure Sandalwood Oil, 86% Pure Grapeseed Oil.

Vanilla - 733739875969
So ubiquitous it is often mistaken as the "plain" or regular version of scented or flavoured products, the sweet, calming, and familiar scent of vanilla should not be overlooked - a true classic. It is blended here with Jojoba oil.
1% Pure Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) Oil, 99% Pure Jojoba Oil.

Suggested Usage:

For aromatherapy use. Please consult your diffuser manufacturer's directions, or an essential oils book, or other professional reference guides for uses specific to each oil, dilution ratios, and other relevant information.


Natural essential oils are highly concentrated, and should be used with care. Please consult manufacturer's directions and professional reference guides prior to use, as precautions vary depending on the properties of each essential oil. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Options:
Rosewater (2% Rose Oil) - $13.99 - UPC: 733739877550
Frankincense (20%) - $14.99 - UPC: 733739875488
Jasmine Absolute (7.5%) - $38.99 - UPC: 733739875570
Lavender & Tea Tree - $14.99 - UPC: 733739877284
Lemon & Eucalyptus - $10.99 - UPC: 733739877291
Myrrh (20%) - $19.99 - UPC: 733739075437
Neroli (7.5%) - $38.99 - UPC: 733739075765
Rose Absolute (5%) - $29.99 - UPC: 733739075970
Sandalwood (14%) - $42.99 - UPC: 733739876683
Vanilla (1%) with Jojoba - $25.99 - UPC: 733739875969