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Four types of NOW 100 Percent Pure Essential Oil in 30 ml bottles
Display Case of 30 types of NOW 100 Percent Pure Essential Oil in 30 ml bottles

NOW - 100% Pure Essential Oils

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Info: Large Selection. In 30 ml Amber Glass Bottle with Orifice Reducer (unless specified as 118 or 473 ml)

If you're looking for essential oils to use in your bath, diffuser, or for other aromatherapeutic purposes (including topical uses), NOW offers a wide range of oils in a variety of scents and types. Enjoy your aromatherapy experience without having to worry about compromised purity.

Info: Large Selection. In 30 ml Amber Glass Bottle with Orifice Reducer (unless specified as 118 or 473 ml)

If you're looking for essential oils to use in your bath, diffuser, or for other aromatherapeutic purposes (including topical uses), NOW offers a wide range of oils in a variety of scents and types. Enjoy your aromatherapy experience without having to worry about compromised purity.

Product Notes:

Extracted from high quality botanicals using processes designed to bring you the oils with minimal interference and maximum potency, NOW offers 100% Pure essential oils, which are all pesticide free, and also free of synthetic fertilizer and herbicidal residue.

Most of these products come in 30 ml (1 fl oz) amber bottles (to protect them from light) with flow restrictors in the nozzles to only dispense one drip at a time, although some entries come in much larger sizes -- particularly the ones you might use as carrier oils to make blends.

We also offer several other lines NOW produces of either simpler combinations of blended essential oils or more complex combinations of blended essential oils for diffusers, as well as a new line of Roll-Ons for topical application, plus a fairly wide  assortment of fully organic essential oils.

NOW 100% Pure Essential Oils

Anise Oil - With the familiarity of molasses and licorice, Anise evokes warmth and depth.

Balsam Fir Needle Oil - A scent that holds its own in winter and summer, balsam is the scent of evergreen life. Balsam fir essential oil delivers the refreshing scent of pine, traditionally used as a decongestant as well as for purifying air generally and in the respiratory system.

Basil Oil - Spicy and purifying, with notes of wood.

Bergamot Oil - Warm and fruity, a tantalizing and spiced interpretation of more familiar citrus scents. Rich, lavish, and spicy, this citrus scented essential oil is traditionally known for antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and is also used for its calming and sedative effects.

Black Pepper Oil - 100% pure black pepper oil, steam distilled from dried unripe berries. Warming, stimulating, focusing and cleansing, with a dry, spicy, sharp aroma. Mixes well with geranium, lavender, frankincense, clary sage, sandalwood, and citrus and spice oils.

Camphor Oil - Piney and penetrating to cleanse your senses. Perhaps best known for the decongestant properties associated with its powerful scent, camphor essential oil is also traditionally recognized for analgesic and anti-rheumatoid properties.

Carrot Seed Oil - (Daucus carota sativa, extracted from steam distillation) - With an earthy, woody, sweet scent, many find carrot seed oil to be soothing, rejuvenating, and grounding as aromatherapy, but it's also wonderful for topical uses: it helps balance both oily and dry complexions; helps nourish damaged skin; and is extremely beneficial for mature or environmentally stressed skin.

Cedarwood Oil - Solid and woody - the scent of strength. An essential oil with a history, cedar oil thousands of years old was found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians - and it still retained its scent! Known in ancient times for the strength of its wood, cedar in its essential oil form is traditionally used in treatment of skin and hair, as well as for its properties of lypolysis, that is, dissolution of fats.

Cinnamon Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia) - The scent of the most popular form of cinnamon used throughout the world; this type of cinnamon oil is sometimes also called Chinese cinnamon.

Citronella Oil - A powerful citrus scent with grassy notes. The lemon-like scent of citronella essential oil is perhaps most familiar to us through its popular use as an insect repellent. However, it is also traditionally used for other purposes, including antifungal, anti-infective, and anti-inflammatory, as well as for room deodorization.

Clary Sage Oil - Musky and powerful, the scent of clary sage imparts alertness and focus. Spicy and woody in scent, clary sage is traditionally used for the regulation of menstruation and perspiration, and also as a scalp tonic, relaxant, and aphrodisiac.

Clove Oil - Rich, spicy, and festive, cloves soothe the senses and smell like home. A popular ingredient in winter drinks such as apple cider, the strong yet pleasant and festive scent of cloves makes clove essential oil popular as a broad-spectrum antibacterial often used for antifungal, antiviral, analgesic, and anesthetic purposes. It is also used as a nerve, uterine, and sexual tonic.

Eucalyptus Oil (globulus) - Minty, with herbal roots and green notes of newly-cut foliage. The fresh, rousing scent of Eucalyptus Globulus makes this essential oil a favorite expectorant and mucolytic (which breaks down buildups of mucus), but it is also valued for antimicrobial properties and, together with lavender and peppermint essential oil, as a deterrent of fleas and lice.

Eucalyptus radiata - Mildly sweet, and fresh, with revitalizing, purifying, and clarifying attributes.

Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis) (118ml), expeller-pressed and hexane free - This can be used as a carrier oil to blend with other scents for aromatherapy, but is also rich in essential fatty acids, making it an excellent topical moisturizing oil to help reduce dry skin: simply massage it directly into the skin. (No longer actively stocked, but available by request.)

Frankincense Oil (Boswellia carterii) - Deep, fresh aroma with subtle hints of citrus and camphor, for relaxing, focusing, and centering.

Geranium Oil - Sweet and florid, geranium essential oil is uplifting and relaxing. Not just a flower in your garden, geraniums produce essential oil known for antibacterial and analgesic properties, as well as skin care and circulatory stimulation.

Ginger Oil - Warm, spicy, and woody, ginger is fortifying and stimulating in scent.

Grapefruit Oil - Bright like an orange, with deeper, more complex overtones, the scent of grapefruit is cheerful, yet sophisticated. The distinct scent of grapefruit makes this a popular choice for cleansing; used as an air antiseptic and astringent, it is also used for liver and kidney health, nervous-system tonic, and digestive stimulation.

Jojoba Oil - Although it is primarily used as a moisturizer for skin and hair, jojoba is sometimes used as a carrier oil to create blends with other essential oils. We also offer larger sizes of NOW Jojoba Oil.

Juniper Berry Oil - Warm and inviting, Juniper is a botanical, piney scent alive with intrigue.

Lavender Oil (Lavandula officinalis (spp.)) - Floral, intoxicating and sensual, a scent to relax in. Sweeter and more entrancing than spike lavender, true lavender is traditionally known for its use as a moth repellent in closets and as a perfume. Its essential oil is often used for both its relaxing and its antibacterial effects alike.

Lemon Oil - Clean and refreshing to brighten your mood. As one might expect from the familiar, clean scent of lemon essential oil, they are perhaps most commonly known for their antiseptic, antibacterial properties, but are also used for various other purposes, including as a tonic for digestion and the nervous system, and as a lytholytic (for dissolving kidney and gall stones).

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus citriodora) - A refreshing, cleansing, stimulating citronella-like aroma, with subtle floral overtones. As one might expect from its citronella-like smell, skin-soothing lemon scented eucalyptus oil is traditionally known as a mosquito repellent, as well as for its antiviral, fungicidal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemongrass Oil - The slightly softened citrus scent of lemongrass is warm and inviting.

Lime Oil - Fruity and lively, the scent of lime add spritz to your life.

Nutmeg Oil - Sweet, spicy, and nutty, the scent of nutmeg is warm and generous.

Orange Oil - Inspiring, citric, and bright - sunshine in a bottle! Refreshing, mild, and sweet, orange essential oil is used in multiple ways, including air purification, stimulation of digestion, and as a skin tonic.

Oregano Oil - Warm and inviting, the earthy scent of oregano calms and purifies.

Patchouli Oil - Sweet and herbal, the scent of Patchouli is earthy, musky, and romantic. Sweet, earthy, and slightly spiced, patchouli essential oil is traditionally used to promote diverse aspects of health, including circulatory, skin, and digestive health. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and an insect repellent.

Peppermint Oil - A well-known favourite, and with good reason, the scent of peppermint is invigorating and fresh. This classic essential oil is both soothing and refreshing, and is traditionally held to have analgesic, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and decongestant effects. Some use it to relieve migraines by rubbing it on their temples. A recent study also found it can reduce aggressive driving tendencies.

Pine Needle Oil - A pine forest in a bottle - clean, refreshing, and vivifying; the scent of outdoors. Not only does pine essential oil bring you the fresh scent of a pine forest, but it is often used to help cleanse the air and lungs, as well as for expectorant and mucolytic purposes - these properties have made it a popular ingredient in traditional cough syrups.

Rose Hip Seed Oil - Nutty and slightly sweet in scent, rosehip (Rosa mosqueta) seed oil is often used topically for its rejuvenating and revivifying effects on skin.

Rosemary Oil - Warm, sweet, and spicy, Rosemary is inviting, subtle, and pure - a scent of love. "There's rosemary - that's for remembrance," Ophelia says in Hamlet and, indeed, remembrance is a fitting association for a herb as rich in historical associations as rosemary, ranging through Egyptian pharaohs, classical gods and gladiators, the Virgin Mary, and modern weddings and funerals. In traditional aromatherapeutic practice, this essential oil with a history is used for its antibacterial, mucolytic, and expectorant properties.

Sage Oil - Soothing and sweet, with just a hint of bracing afterbite, sage seductively recalls you to the present moment and the ground under your feet. With notes of pine anchored in a deeper, spicy richness, sage is traditionally used for the treatment of menstrual issues (as it can mimic the effects of estrogen), as well as hot flashes and excessive perspiration. It is also used as an antibacterial and antiviral agent.

Spike Lavender Oil (Lavandula latifolia) - A spicy, floral, camphoraceous, fresh scent, with purifying, cleansing, and clarifying attributes. With its rich and bracing pungency, Spike Lavender essential oil is traditionally used as an emergency treatment for burns, wasp stings, and other skin-related problems. Properties attributed to it include analgesic, expectorant, and antifungal.

Tangerine Oil - Like orange, but with an extra burst of tang, this lively scent is rousing, purifying, and invigorating. Sweet and tangy with a hint of sophisticated rind-bitters, tangerine essential oil is often used as an air purifying antiseptic, as well as for its nerve-calming effects and its stimulation of the digestive system. Together with Lavender, it is also used to reduce stretch marks and scarring.

Tea Tree Oil - Purifying and antiseptic, the scent of this remarkable natural Australian cleanser is herbal and powerful without being overwhelmingly sterile. The aroma of tea tree essential oil is clean yet earthy, and fittingly so, for this plant renowned not only in Australia but now worldwide for its antiseptic properties.

White Thyme Oil - Warm, sweet, and surprising in a spicy way, the scent of white thyme is an embrace of invigoration.

Wintergreen Oil - Warm and satisfying, the scent of wintergreen is the friendliest and least bracing of the mint-scented family of essential oils.

Ylang Ylang Extra - The peony-like scent of this flower of love is sweet and romantic - with depth. The intoxicating scent of this Indonesian "flower of flowers" makes its essential oil a popular aphrodisiac, following an Indonesian tradition of sprinkling ylang ylang flowers on the beds of newlywed couples before their wedding night. Seductive and enticing, this scent is known for its relaxing sedative and antidepressant effects.

Suggested Usage:

For aromatherapy use (although some may also be applied topically as part of a skin care regimen, usually combined with other ingredients). Please consult the manufacturer's directions, or essential oils book, or other professional reference guides for uses specific to each oil, dilution ratios, and other relevant information.


Natural essential oils are highly concentrated, and should be used with care. Please consult manufacturer's directions) and professional reference guides prior to use, as precautions vary depending on the properties of each oil. Keep out of reach of children.

Supporting Science:

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