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This sweet and spicy extract is popular in perfumes, and has both stimulating and sedative qualities. It's perhaps most famous for giving Earl Grey tea its unique flavour.


This powerfully scented insect deterrent is quite popular in hot, humid climates, but can also be found in deodorants, lotions, soaps and more.


With its energizing and cleansing properties, Grapefruit has an uplifting scent that also serves as a natural antiseptic and disinfectant.


A must for every budding aromatherapist! Sweet and invigorating, lemon oil has been used in hospitals and homes to promote feelings of cleanliness and welcome.


This uplifting oil has cooling effects, and has been popular in kitchens since the 16th century. When applied topically, it can help fight acne and oily skin.


Perfect for beginners, Orange oil mixes well with other essential oils, and can soften their effect as well. Historically, the orange has become synonymous with gratitude and generosity.


This exotic extract has a warm, sweet, fresh and lively scent that's been used throughout the ages to provide strength and balance. Try some in a warm bath or in a diffuser.

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This gentle oil has been a favourite of women everywhere for years. With a floral scent that's also spicy and exotic, Geranium is a wonderful aphrodisiac as well.


This sweet, floral extract is derived from the aromatic blossoms of the orange tree. Today, it's regularly used in bridal bouquets as a sign of purity.

Ylang Ylang

Translated, ylang ylang means flower of flowers. In aromatherapy, this time honored essential oil emits an exotic, mysterious and spicy aroma that has been used as both an aphrodisiac and natural stimulant.


The sweet exotic scent of Jasmine remains one of the most sought after in today's aromatherapy. Historically, it's been used stimulate the mind while invigorating the soul.


With a scent that hints of rose, Palmarosa is popular in many cosmetic products. Native to India, this versatile oil exhibits both stimulating and calming properties.


The unmistakable fragrance of Rose is both long lasting and deeply symbolic. Excellent for the skin and emotional balance, it takes 180 pounds of Rose to produce 1 ounce of rose oil.



While many associate this popular herb with Italian cuisine and culture, it's actually native to India and Iran. Aromatic and mildly pungent, Basil encompasses energies that are uplifting and inspiring.


A favourite among many creative minds, artists from virtually all walks of life swear by Clary's ability to provide uncanny inspiration.


While it continues to be a favourite in the kitchen, Sage is also very common in many perfumes, colognes and men's products. Aromatically, Sage is used in a wide variety of applications.


With an essence that calms and cleanses, the popularity of this "holy herb" as its also known continues to increase. In fact, the Holy Bible often references Hyssop as a purifying agent.


For centuries now, Thyme has been regarded as one of the most popular spices in the world. Its warm, spicy scent continues to make it a favourite in the houses of aromatherapists everywhere.


As one of the most well known kitchen complements, Oregano has a very rich history. In aromatherapy however, it's commonly used to promote calmness and relaxation.



As one of the strongest essential oils available, Camphor delivers a scent that is both unique and powerful. It also mixes delightfully with lavender and chamomile.


With its sweet, menthol, woody scent, Eucalyptus remains an extremely popular essential oil that is often added to vapor rubs and cold remedies.


This highly useful and beloved essential oil remains a favourite among users based on its cool, refreshing properties. You'll also find it in many desserts and oral care products too.

Tea Tree

As one off the most recent additions to the aromatherapy family, this versatile and invigorating oil have made it an almost immediate favourite. It's also wonderful for cleaning or when added to shampoo.



As a favourite of bakers everywhere, allspice recalls a blend of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, though it's actually not a combination of others.

Anise Seed

Historically, Anise Seed has been used to perfume the clothes King Edward IV and as a way to prevent nightmares. Today, Anise Seed is considered a staple in aromatherapy and is very popular in the culinary arts.


The warm, inviting smell of cinnamon is clearly one of the most recognized scents known. Diffusing cinnamon prior to gatherings can radiate feelings of welcome invitation and open arms.


With a flavour that can best be described as hot, spicy and pungent, Clove was one of the earliest spices ever to be traded. In aromatherapy, it emits an unmistakable scent that is a favourite to many.


With its warm, soothing qualities, many aromatherapists rely on this spicy, peppery essential oil to create balance and a healthy mood. It's also widely regarded as a natural aphrodisiac.


Long before nutmeg found popularity in the kitchen, it was used by the Romans as incense. The slightly sweet, spicy, nutty scent of nutmeg is often used to boost libido and encourage feelings of calmness.


This spicy extract is also known as Chinese cinnamon, though they should not be confused. Cassia has its own very unique set of properties and works ideally in diffusers.


The fresh minty scent of Spearmint has become quite popular in chewing gums, but also provides a relaxing aroma that can help one unwind after a long stressful day.


The warming qualities of Wintergreen have been cherished throughout time, and are even used in "foresty" perfumes and colognes. Cool and refreshing, Wintergreen is perfect for any occasion.



In biblical times, Frankincense was considered as precious as gold and coin. Today, it's used in aromatherapy to increase concentration and relaxation.


With a history that dates back almost 3000 years, Myrrh is best known for its rich, spicy scent and ability to ease stress and tension.

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