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Ankarsrum - Assistent Original Kitchen Machine

Ankarsrum - Assistent Original Kitchen Machine

Item: AKM-6230
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Shipping included in Canada. The Ankarsrum Assistent Original Kitchen Machine, the favourite mixer of Swedish cooks since 1940, is now available for North American homeowners. Fashioned from sturdy chrome and steel, this 600 watt professional quality kitchen tool is a durable all-purpose mixer that produces superior baking results. A wide variety of attachments (some optional) can transform your Ankarsrum into a complete kitchen center, eliminating the need for a separate food processor, meat grinder, flaker, or slicer. The Ankarsrum Original kitchen machine offers professional functionality and versatility in one convenient countertop tool.
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Swedish Quality - State of the Art Design - Speed Sensor Controlled - Superpower

The Ankarsrum mixer has many exceptional features designed to make your kitchen work fast and easy. The exceptionally powerful motor comes with a 7-year warranty in Canada and has stepless speed control which determines the precise speed for each function, such as making large amounts of dough or sausage. The timer can turn off your machine after a pre-set time. Its unique gearing located underneath the bowl makes the machine extra strong and robust.

Ankarsrum Accessories

To meet your varied kitchen needs there is an assortment of optional Ankarsrum Assistent accessories available to accompany this mixer for a wider range of mixing, blending, chopping and grinding. All these attachments are built with the same attention to quality and care that goes into the Ankarsrum mixer. Optional mixer accessories (sold separately) include: flake mill, food and meat grinder, food processor/vegetable slicer, pasta attachment and blender.Ankarsrum Basic Accessories Package


The base package that accompanies every Ankarsrum includes accessories that will considerably ease your work in the kitchen and give you invaluable help when baking everything from cookies to yeast bread for many years to come.

The Standard/Basic Package includes: a 7 Litre (8 Quart) Stainless Steel Bowl; a 3.5 L (4 Quart) Tritan Plastic Whisking Bowl; a Cover / Proving Lid; a Dough Roller; a Dough Knife; a Dough Hook; a Scraper and Spatula; Cookie Whips; Balloon Whisks; and a Recipe book.Ankarsrum Deluxe Accessories Package


For those of you who want to make full use of your Ankarsrum, the optional 'Chef Pak' Deluxe accessory set includes a Blender, Citrus Press, Meat Grinder with Sausage Press, four sizes of Grinding Discs, Cookie Press, Pasta Discs, Grater, and Berry Press.

The Deluxe Package includes all of these accessories that could retail separately for as much as $600. Bake, mince, mix, strain, press, grate or pipe. No problem.

Ankarsrum Assistent Mixer

Motor: Ankarsrum is one of the most powerful kitchen machines on the market. Thanks to its powerful 600 watt motor and huge mixing bowl, you can mix large, heavy batches of dough with ease. It can mix 1.5 L of dough liquid and 5 kg of dough without a problem, and the unique gear unit allows the machine to be both powerful and quiet. The Assistent also has a motor feedback system, meaning that the machine can regulate its own speed depending on the load. It comes with a 12 minute timer and a control to adjust the bowl speed (from 45 to 130 rpm). Make Pasta with the Assistent Machine

• Unique engineering puts the motor in the bottom of the unit. A movable steel arm holds the roller with a separate scraper that simultaneously rolls and kneads dough and batter.

• The Ankarsrum Assistent mixer may be turned on its side to accommodate a wide range of optional accessories enabling you to mix, whisk, grind meat, make pasta, squeeze citrus fruits, and more.

• Large plastic beater bowl whisks meringue, creams butter and icing and holds up to 18 egg whites.

• Weighs only 19 pounds with stainless steel bowl and fits conveniently under overhead cabinets on most kitchen counters. Rubber feet and solid construction keep mixer in place during operation.

• Ankarsrum Assistent Mixer Manufacturer's Warranty (for Canada): 7-years on power unit; one year on other parts.

• The Assistent Original is manufactured in the mill town of Ankarsrum, in Småland, southern Sweden.

Close-up of the newly redesigned Tension Knob attached to the arm of the model 6230

The control knobs on the front panel of the unit are made of chrome-plated zinc. In addition, the design of the metal Tension Knob on the top left of the unit which loosens or tightens the arm that the dough roller or other devices are attached to has been changed from a smooth round shape to one with finger notches, to make it easy to grip when your hands are wet or covered with flour.

Looking for more information about baking bread using the Ankarsrum? Be sure to check out the Basic Bread Making and Advanced Bread Baking videos.

AKM-6230 Technical Specifications

Power: 600 Watt motor, 110/120 Volts
Dimensions (H-W-D): 360 x 268 x 400 mm (14.1 x 10.6 x 15.7)
Weight: 8.6 kg (19 lbs with the stainless steel bowl)
Removable power cable
Variable speed control
Continuous speed control Overload protection
12 Minute Timer
Dough Capacity: 5 kg (11 lbs) weight
Warranty: 7 Years on Motor and 1 Year on Attachments

Ankarsrum Assistent Mixers in all available Base Colours

Case colours are shown for illustrative purposes, appearance may vary depending on your display settings.

Available colours include (click colour name link for larger image): Light Creme / Mineral White / Creme / Pearl Green / Pure Orange / Metallic Red / Pearl Pink / Pearl Blue / Black Diamond / Black Chrome / Jubilee Silver / Matte Black / Royal Blue / Sparkling Gold / Sparkling Lilac

Ankarsrum History

Ankarsrum is Sweden's Kitchen Champion: A favourite in Europe for over 75 years ... and counting

Since its launch in 1940, the excellently-designed Ankarsrum has continued to evolve into the world-class mixer available today. In 2011, the Assistent Original mixer once again has received recognition and Awards of Excellence in Sweden and other European countries. Its unparalleled design has made it the go-to mixer for home bakers and those who love to cook. The unique design allows for easy bowl viewing and addition of ingredients without interrupting the mixing process by having to stop the machine. Bread makers know there is nothing on the market today that mimics hand-kneading of dough as closely as the Ankarsrum's roller and scraper action - resulting in a fine textured, smooth elastic dough.

Throughout this product's long history it has been known by a number of different names in different markets since being launched in the 1940s. This unit was marketed for a long period of time as the Electrolux Assistent in Europe and North America. At one point in the USA the unit was known as the Electrolux Magic Mill Assistent (DLX 2000). Due to corporate restructuring, Ankarsrum (the machine's historical motor manufacturer and a formerly division of Electrolux) is once again the company name producing the mixers today. A very similar model to this machine has also marketed in the USA as the Verona Mixer Assistent.

Assistent Model 6230: There are three improvements in this, the latest edition: the control knobs on its front panel are now made of chrome-plated metal; the tension knob for adjusting the Arm/Roller position has been given a more ergonomic design, for an improved grip; and the machine now comes with a 7-year manufacturer's warranty on the motor (2 years longer than previously offered in Canada).

The 6230 Ankarsrum Assistent Original was recently submitted for review by the prestigious Plus X Award -- one of the world's best known innovation awards for technology and lifestyle, which honours products offering the leading edge in quality and innovation -- and has been awarded their Quality Seals in four key categories: High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, and Functionality.

Developed, designed and manufactured in Sweden with the highest regard for quality, your Ankarsrum will stand the test of time and be the mixer you can pass on to future generations.

Customer Testimonial

Thank you for your professional advice to purchase the Ankarsrum Assistent. After having to return 3 (three!!) broken down KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixers to the manufacturer within less than one year we had just about given up on finding a machine which would be able to mix and knead a heavy whole grain bread dough.

The Ankarsrum, however, is everything (and a bit more) than what we had hoped to expect.

Contrary to the KitchenAid machine's high pitched scream, the noise level of the working loaded Ankarsrum is pleasant and reassuring to a the ear and the totally different concept of the turning bowl with a spring loaded rotating dough roller and stationary bowl scraper is the work of a genius.

We have the Ankarsrum now for about a month and it gets used every single day for bread and cake doughs, grain flaking and meat grinding.

Needless to say, the Ankarsrum has not missed a beat and we are expecting to have it stand on our kitchen counter for at least the next 20 years.

We also purchased from you a meat grinder and a flaker to fit our new machine. Both attachments work flawless and the mixer does not even slow down when "pushed for production".

Shirley and Peter Dumlich

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