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kybun - Zug (Men's Casual Business Shoe)
kybun Zug Caviar, shown from inner side
kybun Zug Caviar, shown from the rear

kybun - Zug (Men's Casual Business Shoe)

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Info: Caviar (Black) Colour; Available in Sizes 39-49 Eur. (6.5 to 14 U.S.)

Being neither too flashy nor too drab or clunky, while still offering the maximum benefits of its wide Comfort kybun air-cushion sole, the Zug is a perfect choice for a variety of settings. With its genuine full-grain leather upper, this comfortable Italian-made lace-up shoe can serve equally well as a daytime business shoe when paired with a suit, or as something to wear with jeans or casual slacks and a sports jacket at a social gathering or evening event. It's named after a Swiss town founded during the rise of trade in that region 800 years ago, where a number of worldwide companies are still located.

Product Notes:

Please note, Aviva only ships footwear orders within Canada.

Upper: Full-grain leather
Lining: Full-grain leather, microfiber, mesh
Insole: Mesh
Sole: PU, Comfort / Nimbus

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Sizing Advice

A lot of footwear is produced in a medium width, so many consumers learn to settle on the size that generally fits the width of their feet, even if they end up being a bit too long. But because many kybun shoes come in an extra wide (4E) width and so can accommodate virtually any foot if selected primarily on the basis of length, kybun's general advice is to actually measure the length of your foot and use their look-up chart to determine which size you need, rather than just going by your usual choices. In some cases, you may find it is a half or even a full U.S. size smaller than you are accustomed to, but it will be a comfortable fit, nevertheless.

In this particular case, however, be advised that although the Zug does have a wide 'Comfort' rather than a 'Slim Fit' sole, its upper gets narrower than that from the midfoot back, so some retailers advise it actually runs true to the usual U.S. sizes a man would wear, and recommend you just select your usual U.S. size. (Or if you tend to alternate between two half sizes (a 10 or a 10-1/2, e.g.) depending on the type, style, or width of the shoe, choose the smaller of the two in this case).

Product Options:
6.5 US [39 Eur.] (250 mm long) - $499.00
7 US [39 2/3 Eur.] (255 mm long) - $499.00
7.5 US [40 1/3 Eur.] (260 mm long) - $499.00
8 US [41 Eur.] (265 mm long) - $499.00
8.5 US [41 2/3 Eur.] (270 mm long) - $499.00
9 US [42 1/3 Eur.] (275 mm long) - $499.00
9.5 US [43 Eur.] (280 mm long) - $499.00
10 US [43 2/3 Eur.] (285 mm long) - $499.00
10.5 US [44 1/3 Eur.] (290 mm long) - $499.00
11 US [45 Eur.] (295 mm long) - $499.00
11.5 US [45 2/3 Eur.] (300 mm long) - $499.00
12 US [46 1/3 Eur.] (305 mm long) - $499.00
12.5 US [47 Eur.] (310 mm long) - $499.00
13 US [47 2/3 Eur.] (315 mm long) - $499.00
13.5 US [48 1/3 Eur.] (320 mm long) - $499.00
14 US [49 Eur.] (325 mm long) - $499.00