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Snacks and Bars

Sometimes we need a snack for some quick energy to sustain ourselves... or at least to quiet the hunger pangs... when you're on the go or so hard at work you can't break for a meal. Or maybe you're frustrated by the lack of options for someone with a gluten allergy or some other type of food intolerance. If you're looking for healthy snacks with clean ingredients that are low on sugar and high in protein, Aviva has you covered. We usually have a good selection of nutritious protein and snack bars that are great for people on the go, or for parents looking for healthy snacks for their children to snack on while at school. We also carry a selection of high quality chocolate bars to satisfy any sweet tooth.

More in Store: We usually stock a variety of natural potato chips, flavoured popcorn, rice cakes, crackers and more not shown here (stock varies and some products aren't suitable for shipping).

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  • Peruvian Harvest - Organic Sacha Inchi Seeds Covered in Chocolate with Yacon Syrup
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