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Vitamix Blender Models Compared: Vitamix Aspire vs 5200 TNC and CIA Models

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Vitamix Blender Models Compared


The information below details the major differences between the various full-size countertop Vitamix models with variable speeds that were first released for home use in Canada in 2013 (info revised and updated in 2016). All these models were designed to create smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, and more, and can chop, grind, whip, blend, heat, stir, and purée. For further explanation and an accompanying video, please see What You Can Make with a Vitamix.

These models are all designed for household (as opposed to commercial) use and have warranties of at least 5 years.

They all feature a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system and a Variable Speed Control Dial in their base; a Getting Started Guide and a Let’s Get Started DVD; a tamper (or in some cases, a mini-tamper) to help blend very thick and/or frozen mixtures or to push down the unground bits while making nut butter; and, with the possible exception of some of the “Aspire” models (which may still use BPA-free ABS plastic), their containers are all now made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester.

Left out of this comparison are the commercial units (which tend to be more expensive and have shorter warranties); the “TurboBlend” units (which only have 2 set speeds, rather than variable speeds); and the smaller S-Series of Personal Blenders (which are unable to make soup or do other types of heating tasks, since their containers lack a steam vent).

To help you choose which model is right for you, we’ve prepared a table comparing the main specifications and features of many of the most popular household models currently being offered in Canada (prices listed as of August 2016). You can view or download this Vitamix Comparisons Chart here (as a PDF).

Please see also our Vitamix Blenders FAQ article which may answer some related questions you may have, including the two on the main differences between the older Classic (C-Series) and newer Next Generation (G-Series) models and different Vitamix models that are similar in appearance but have different names and prices.

Q & A by Nathan Zassman, Dec. 2012

Q: What are the differences between the Professional Series Vitamix, the 5200 and the Vitamix Aspire?

A: The Vitamix Aspire is a blender model offered periodically on TV by The Shopping Channel. It comes with a smaller 48 oz container, a 5 year warranty, and is comparable to the home 5200 model. The Professional Series CIA and PRO 500 Vitamix blenders come with a larger 64 oz container and a full 7 year warranty.

In addition to the warranty, another major advantage of the Professional Series is the inclusion of a professional quality cookbook and DVD instructional program presented by professional chefs.

The Vita-Mix Total Nutrition Center (formerly the 5200/Super 5000) and the Vitamix Professional Series (standard model) and Vitamix Aspire are very similar in their operation and capabilities. The Aspire and until recently, the TNC/5200 Series models were available only with a plastic housing. The Professional Series is available with a choice of two plastic finishes (ruby and onyx) and impressive brushed stainless steel housing. Recently Vita-Mix added the brushed stainless steel housing as an option for the TNC/Super 5200 models, but the price is higher than the brushed stainless version of the Professional Series.Vitamix Aspire vs Vitamix Professional 500

The Professional Series Pro 500 is a new model with three built-in programs, and a pulse feature that professional chefs have been asking for. This model was designed for the 41 CIA (Culinary Institute of America) cooking schools in the United States, and is an integral part of the training at CIA schools. The Professional Series is only available at gourmet stores (including Aviva), and is not available at traditional health food stores. With this model you can choose a pre-programmed setting to prepare hot soups, frozen desserts and smoothies, and the pulse feature allows you to vary the texture of soups and smoothies

All Vitamix Professional Series and Total Nutrition Centre blenders include a comprehensive seven year warranty and a 64 ounce BPA container.

The new Vitamix Aspire is only available with a black plastic housing, a smaller 48 ounce container, and a five year warranty. The Professional series includes a seven year warranty, your choice of housing with the option of brushed stainless steel, and a cookbook and instructional DVD featuring recipes and demonstrations by professional chefs.

The Professional Series 500 provides additional features, including:
  • 3 pre-programmed settings, for frozen desserts, smoothies and hot soups
  • Pulse feature to control the texture of soups and smoothies with more precision
  • Brushed Stainless Steel is the only base finish for this model.

The VitaMix Total Nutrition Centre is only available directly from Vita-Mix, or through demonstrations at home shows, conventions and at Costco. You can’t visit your local department store and purchase a Total Nutritional Center (5200) or Professional Series.

Vitamix: Plug into the Movement. Questions? Want to order? Call Aviva toll-free at (866) 947-6789.

Comparison: Vita-Mix Total Nutrition Center (5200 Super) vs. Professional Series (CIA Standard)

Vitamix CIA PofessionalKey Points of The Professional Series:
  • Used by the Culinary Institute of America in their 41 schools of fine cuisine in the United States, to train professional chefs. The VitaMix is used in most high quality restaurants.
  • Available in Onyx and Ruby with a plastic base, and also available in brushed stainless steel.
  • Brushed Stainless Steel: This is the most durable and best looking housing.
  • Create! Cookbook and Educational DVD: The Professional Series includes the amazing cookbook Create, written by Michael Symon, and an educational DVD to give you tips on getting the most out of your Vita-Mix. Symon is an award winning chef well known to viewers of the Iron Chef, a popular television program. Symon owns Lola Bistro, a famous restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. The book and DVD have a retail value in Canada of ~$150.00.
  • A single container can be used for both wet and dry ingredients, so you don’t need the second container unless you want to dedicate a container just for dry ingredients. The standard container grinds grains well, but for those who do a lot of bread baking, a dedicated grain grinder (Vitalmill, Wondermill, Komo Stone Mills) is superior to the Vitamix for grinding grain.

Features Shared by the TNC 5200 and the Professional Series

  • 7-year in-home warranty
  • 2 horsepower Swedish-built motor
  • New Eastman Tritan container, with no BPA
  • New easier to remove cover design
  • Identical controls, including ten variable speeds and high speed.

The Professional Series, Pro 500 Model

  • Three convenient Pre-Programmed Settings: Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts. Consistent results for every process, every time. Pre Programmed Settings are time-saving and easy-to-use.
  • All new Pulse Feature: Offers greater control in processing. Refines texture to your taste
  • Variable Speed Control: Unlimited versatility in the home kitchen. Go from Low to High in one smooth motion
  • Brushed Stainless Finish: Elegant, fashion-forward gourmet look. Fingerprint-resistant and easy-to-clean
  • “Create” Recipe Book with Easel-back Design: More than 300 gourmet chef-inspired recipes
  • “Let’s Get Started” DVD Instructional Video: Features bonus recipes and operating techniques

Different case colours for the Vitamix Professional Series

Vitamix’s newest models, Vitamix Professional Series 300 and 750

The newest Vitamix models, the Vitamix 300 and 750 Professional Series offer exceptional power with the convenience of a “pulse” feature for improved control of texture and blending. The Vitamix 750 model adds 5 pre-programmed settings.

This latest design features a more powerful motor (2.2 Peak Horsepower), 20% quieter operation from a lighter machine with a more compact, lower-profile container, making it even easier to move and store.

Available Options for all Vita-Mix/Vita-Prep Units

Separate container for grinding dry ingredients:
A separate Vitamix container is available for grinding dry ingredients with a slightly different blade design than the containers for wet ingredients. Containers designed to grind dry ingredients have a “DRY” label near the top of the unit. While the dry container does a slightly better job of grinding grain than the wet container, neither compare to the finely ground grain that can be achieved with a dedicated grain grinder like the WonderMill.

Blender containers are available in 64, 48, and 32 ounce sizes. All new containers use the improved Eastman Tritan polycarbonate, which is BPA free. The ideal size container for grinding grain is the new 32oz dry container, as you must grind grain in small batches.

I’ve been using a Vita-Mix for 40 years and the unit I have at home today is 35 years old. While it doesn’t compare in performance to the new units, it still works beautifully and is my most valued kitchen appliance.

I personally feel that a Vita-Mix is the most important investment anyone can make for their health, an investment that will continue to give the gift of health every day. When I founded Aviva, Vita-Mix was one of the first companies that I contacted, as I felt it was vital that I offered my health conscious customers the same product that I personally use daily.

Health Disclaimer.

Need a blender for commercial use? The Vitamix TNC 5200 and Professional Series are not warranted for commercial use.